Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 33

The group make it off Tatooine in the Falcon. But once they are in space again, they find themselves facing a Tagge mining explorer. It’s the same one that was making TIE fighters to attack the rebel base on Yavin. They also see a shuttle craft approaching the ship. They are taking on passengers; it will get under way soon. Luke realizes its’ probably the Baron getting back on the ship. He’s worried that he won’t complete his mission. But with what is going on in the Wasteland they have to investigate more. Currently, its’ called the Omega Frost and is generated between two towers. Anything caught between it freezes and shatters. Luke wants to stop it. Han chides him for turning him into a hero every time he gets around Luke. They decide to follow the ship. Meanwhile, the baron is playing with a lightsaber on the ship as a way of celebrating the success on Tatooine. Luke escape though, and he wants vengeance. His brother kids him about his vendetta collection. And he retorts that if they had no pride or family honor they would not be Tagge’s or men. His brother comments it’s lacking in logic. He prefers science. The Baron gives order to contact their younger brother, the general, and set up a meeting. A family reunion. Han and company see that the Tagge ship is about to jump to hyperspace. C3PO and R2D2 work together to try and figure out where they are going. They believe it to be Junction. The Falcon sets course for Junction and jumps to hyperspace. The droids play space chess with Chewbacca and lose again (19 times in a row). Luke practices his lightsaber skills. They come out of hyperspace in Junction and find the Tagge ship snuggled up to a star destroyer. Luke makes the connection that a Tagge brother is part of the Imperial military. Suddenly, a ship to ship transfer starts between the two ships. Luke sees this as a way to get aboard. The Tagge scientist does not like it. But the Barron hopes its attracting both is enemies. Luke is in a space suit floating towards the transfer. He gets close enough to hear their communications. They are complaining that the storm troopers are not helping and should be since they are the ones that will be using this. Luke tries to head back to the Falcon but someone notices. Then storm troopers appear. Luke tells Han over the comms that he is caught and that the thing is going to be assembled and used on Junction. Han and Chewbacca are upset. They didn’t want him to do it. They have to get away though. Han decides they will go the rebel base and update them on what has happened. He’s not thrilled about Princess Leia’s reaction. She reacts as badly as he thought she would. Han is prepared to take her anger if it makes her feel better. But General Dodonna steps in and takes the blame. He sent Luke on the mission. Leia’s voices concern that Luke always seems to stumble into trouble. But Dodonna wonders if he stumbles or is guided by the force. Han states that Junction is going to be frozen, and it would be a good source of blockade runners once they learn what is going on. Back in Junction, they begin. The Barron wakes Luke. He decides to play with him, with the lightsabers. He also tells Luke that they are placing one of the Omega Frost Towers into one of the corridors major asteroids. Its much larger than the ones on Tatooine. It should be effective at stopping rebels. It was not intended for Junction. It was intended to freeze all the rebels when they come through the asteroids. Luke screams NO! and hastily attacks. He manages to escape, but its because Tagge let him. He instructs everyone on the ship to leave Luke alone. That he is playing a game with him. That installation of the second tower will continue as planned. He wants to use Luke to improve his lightsaber skills so that he will be able to defeat Darth Vader. Luke makes it to the docking bay and decides to go for a TIE fighter. However, Tagge has beaten him there. He wants a lightsaber duel. He beats Luke. Luke becomes worried. Ben speaks to him through the force. The duel continues and now Luke uses the force. Tagge quickly realizes he is outmatched and has to fight for his life. Out of desperation, Tagge has it all go dark. He thinks his cyber vision will give him an advantage. He thinks he has Luke. But he misses. Luke wins and spares his life. As a result, Tagge lets him go or Luke escapes. Tagge goes to sick bay in shock. His brother, though, has other plans. He rigged the TIE fighter so the odds are not in Luke’s favor.

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