Star Wars comic book 1980 issue 32

The land speeder breaks down. Luke tries to fix it. But they need coolant or anything he fixes will just melt. Chewbacca detects something and goes to investigate. He sees a storm trooper search party in the distance. Han and Luke aren’t very thrilled either. It’s a very large party searching for them. C3PO suggests they shut he and R2 down and drain and use their coolant so they can escape. They do it and are able to escape. Luke tells them they came by ship and it’s in the dunes. They should be able to reach it. However, when they reach it Jawas are taking it. They saw through the camouflage. Luke is not in the mood and heads down to confront the Jawas. Han steps in. Han asks if they can get a lift in the sand crawler. Some haggling is required. Han tells Luke to bargain with the droids too. They need to get back to Mos Eisley. Han still has some of his bonus and will buy them back. They finally make a deal and get moving. But the crawler is not going towards Mos Eisley. Luke asks what is going on. The Jawas tell him they are finishing their scavenger run first and then will take them to Mos Eisley. But their run is not a few days, it’s three months. The search party stops the crawler. They want to search it for rebels. The Jawas think that they lied to them and are about to cancel the deal. They all put on Jawa robes and head up to look outs at the top of the crawler. The goal is not to blast the troopers but the ridge under them. They want to cause an avalanche. It works but it takes out the whole road too. Now they will have to go through the Jundland Wastes and they aren’t happy. It’s not the sand people they are worried about. Luke tells Han about the House of Tagge. He tells Han he was sent there to find blockade runners. He didn’t have time to investigate everything her heard in the cantina. The crawler stops again. There’s an abandoned vaporator and another group of Jawas and a sand crawler. The two groups are fighting over it. Luke takes a closer look and it’s not a vaporator. He immediately says they need to get as far away as possible, Jawas included. The machine starts to activate. Everything begins to feel cold. They finally look up. The other sand crawler is incased in ice to the point where even the metal is being torn apart. Luke tells him about the frozen bantha he found the previous day. The Tagge’s come to check the work. The brothers are pleased. They are also aware of the rebels and decide to herd them where they want them. Troopers start to shoot close to where they are hiding. They start to run for it. Luke realizes they are trying to push them into something and he needs to get the Jawas to resist. A Jawa comes up to them to thank them for saving them. He asks what they can do to help. They are ready for the troopers as they come over the rise. They drive right into the sand crawler. But as they escape they hear Tagge over the radio. It won’t be quite that easy to get back to Mos Eisley. Jawas see some are hot and some are cold. There’s also fuel in various places. Luke shoots and hits one. It triggers them all to blow up. The troopers are forced to halt. For the time being they are free. But they are likely expected in Mos Eisley now. Luke is adamant that they have to get back to base and inform them what is going on here. Suddenly, C3PO suggests something. Luke is shocked. C3PO tells them that the Jawas replaced their coolant. He thinks the coolant should work in the land speeder too. The Jawas seem to agree. The land speeder heads off with them in it and the crawler goes off on its way.

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