Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S04, Ep05 – Riddle of the Ancient Aeons

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

Season: 4 Episode: 5

Title: Riddle of the Ancient Aeons

Original Air Date: January 10, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Raph: Nice one genius. Now you probably have space rabies.

* April: Guys, you need to stop this. It’s not you. It’s the world that’s affecting you.

* Donnie: If ancient cosmic beings can be transformed like that, I guess that goes to show that anyone can be corrupted by power.


Leo sees Sensei and runs towards him. It’s a holo training session. The Triceratons are trying to find the fragment on a planet. The turtles are hidden in an asteroid field. April has misgivings about the mission. They all eject in a capsule and clock the capsule. April says the planet is radiating a strange power, it feels evil to her. Fugitoid disagrees. They land and find that the planet is horribly ugly and disfigured. He admits he is wrong. Mikey finds an animal cute and it bites him. Fugitoid is shocked at how the planet has transformed into such ruin. It use to be a beautiful garden. Raph and Mikey fight. Leo breaks it up. A group of large flying creatures comes at the guys at the hide. The Triceratons arrive on the planet. They begin to search for the piece. The team is just going around in circles and his scanner malfunctions. Donnie and Casey start to fight. Mikey has to break it up. Then Raph goes after Mikey. Everyone is fighting now. Fugitoid breaks it up. They arrive at a wall that has carvings. Fugitoid understands some of it. Up in the sky a hoard of demon bats is flying towards them. Everyone is freaked out. They start to attack everyone. Raph attacks Mikey and breaks the helmet. Turns out he can breathe the air there. They all take of their helmets. The battle ends. But the infighting continues. April breaks it up now. Mikey points out they should focus their rage on the demon dudes. Another swarm of them is coming. They are forced to run for their lives. They find a statue. It seems to have scared the demons off. It’s an Aeon statue. The fighting continues again. It finally stops. Mikey points out the statue is emitting a beam. The Triceratons are still searching the planet and getting upset. They pick up Fugitoid. They decide to hunt him down as well. The team follows the beam. They find a temple. They enter and booby traps start. There are more scripts and Fugitoid has to translate. More booby traps activate. They make it into the center and find the first piece of the generator. It’s on an altar. The Triceratons arrive moments later. A battle begins. The Triceraton takes the first piece. They also blow up part of the temple trapping the team. Fugitoid moves one block but his power is low. Raph starts getting mad again. April finds a set of stairs. Outside, the demon bats swarm at the trikes. April is at the top of the stairs and uses her power to find a button. It changes the temple. They found the Aeon Star. It contains the power of life itself. It’s the soul star. It needs to go to the peak of the temple. There’s a battle going on outside though. April and company head towards to the top, but the dinos are getting away. Getting the star to the top is a team effort. April finally gets it to the top. She puts the star in it’s rightful place. The planet and everything on it start to change. The demons were actually the Aeons. They were tempted by the generator piece and its power and it corrupted them. The Aoens gives April a tiny fragment of the soul star as a thank you. The group get back to the ship and head off in pursuit of the Triceratons.

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