Star Wars comic book 1979 issue 28

Han and Chewie are trying to prevent the Falcon, as well as themselves, from being eaten. They are on a planet called Orleon. Jabba the Hutt is trying to kill them. He has apparently rejected Han’s latest offer. They’ve been on the planet and stuck in a cave for a week due to the rain. The cave has sprung several links and both Han and Chewie are getting cranky. Jabba’s troops want to attack in full, but Jabba will not let them. He does not want the Falcon damaged. He wants Han and Chewie dead, but he also wants the Falcon unharmed because it is valuable to him. Meanwhile, Han is concerned they are running out of rations. In frustration, Han’s asks how they got into this spot. It was the escape from the wheel and Darth Vader. When they hit light speed .5 the ship started to shake and they were forced to exit light speed. Something must have been damaged or not reassembled when the ship was taken apart on the Wheel. They head to Orleon for parts. They hide in a cave with the ship. They did not notice the cave had been bugged. Jabba arrives shortly. He’s happy he won’t have to pay the bounty he put on Han. In normal time, they have held out for a good week to make repairs and get the Falcon in flying shape. Han finds a stone mite. They can eat through anything. They usually move in swarms of thousands to millions. They head back toward the Falcon, but some grenades explode and they fly through the air. The grenade blasts have made some cracks in the cave ceiling. They are growing and moving toward the Falcon. The troops move in. They uses the grenades after Jabba told them not to. They begin to search for Han and Chewie. The front of the cave has collapsed, and Han and Chewie are trapped in the back with the Falcon. But the cracks in the roof of the cave have also brought lots of stone mites. They use blasters to burn as many as they can and move into the ship to seal it. They make sure the inside is mite free and power up the engines. Han keeps it hovering to try and shake off as many of the mites as possible. Outside the cave, Jabba prepares to lift off. However, the Falcon’s engines are picked up on his ships scanner. Jabba, annoyed now, deploys all the troops to get into the cave and settle up Han’s account once and for all. They blast through with a laser canon. They find one of their own eaten through by the stone mites. He orders everyone back to the ship. Back on the Falcon, they have not shaken the mites. Han switches to plan b, the de-icing system. It appears to be working, they are scorching off the mites. Chewie is looking at the scanners and finding that more mites are pouring in as fast as they are burning them off. They have to scale back or blow the engines. Han then asks that the scanner search be widened. He has the engines powered up again and they manage to break free of the cave with the help of the blasters. The stone mites damaged the roof of the cave enough for them to blast through what was left. They think they are in the clear until they see Jabba’s ship. Han yells to get the shields up as he thinks Jabba is going to open fire on them. He’s actually shooting at stone mites in his ship. He actually asks Han to take him aboard as all his crew is now gone due to the mites. Han invites him over which makes Jabba quite happy. Han informs him that for saving his life, he should make them a generous offer to cancel his debt and the bounty on his head and a little bonus. Jabba need not decide immediately, he should have a couple hours of air in his suit to take his time deciding. Jabba can’t resist smiling. He comes up with an offer, then cuts it in half

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