Wonder Woman comic book 1943 issue 7 (story 1)

Wonder Woman is awoken by a call on her mental radio at 3am. It’s her mother calling and inviting her to a feast on Paradise Island. She’s going to wear her nurse outfit to see if her mother recognizes her. She flies to the island and surprises her mother, who did not recognize her until she laughed. The queen comments on how different the uniforms will look in 1,000 years when women rule the world. The magic sphere can see the future. The sphere records everything that happens and can see the future because it has all the past. The Queen shows her the styles 1,000 years from now. Diana realizes she’ll still be alive but not her friends. But her mother tells her that she and Etta Cady with discover the vitamin L3 which renews youth. She then shows her how she and Etta get the L3 vitamin. They make an elixir for Ettas mother. It not only revives her but makes her young again. Etta receives an international prize as well. The Diana mentions Steve. He is still alive in 3,000 AD thanks to the vitamin too. She then sees a woman president and a man trying to negotiate a release of a male prisoner. He’s angry that the women have fixed the government to be for the people and not for themselves. The man is removed from the president’s office. She has the threat checked and Colonel Darnell thinks there could be something to it. Steve and Diana go an secure the prisoner. They want him to reveal his escape plans. He’s called to the warden’s office and decides to escape. Steve and Diana also arrive at this time. They got to the warden’s office and find Patronage already there. They tell the warden that is who they wanted to talk to. When Steve talks about treason, the prisoner pulls a gun. All are taken prisoner. Diana waits to make her move. He has the warden call the president to come. In solitary confinement Diana decides to break free and deal with the situation. She uses her lasso on one of the prisoners turned captors. She makes him take her to Patronage. On the roof she sees him loading boxes into the airplane and send it off. His plan is that the president comes on the same line and crashes into it and dies in a massive explosion. She does the only thing she can do. She jumps up and lands on the cable and is running at breakneck speed on it. She reaches the airplane car but also sees the presidents coming on the same line. She leaps and lifts the explosive loaded car off the line, so the president’s car passes safely. She hurls it against a cliff and it safely explodes. Wonder Woman calls Etta via mental radio to get back up. The president arrives and is greeted by Patronage. He is surprised that she escaped the death car and is now his hostage. He threatens to kill her if any of the paratroopers come too close. Wonder Woman is digging near the prison wall looking for water pipes. She plans to pour the vitamin L3 water into the supply to stop them. Wonder Woman requests the troopers surround the prison with fire. All the men in the prison finally give into the heat and start drinking water. It ages all the men quickly. As Patronage attempts to kill the president Steve, who finally broke free, comes to the rescue. He then goes to give the president water, but Etta knocks it away. However, she drank the water. But Wonder Woman tells them its of no concern, she is actually 35. Steve is happy he didn’t’ drink the water after all the men turned to dust. Wonder Woman proclaims that they will no longer give the life vitamin to everyone. It will only be given to those that Aphrodite chooses.

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