Star Wars Comic Book 1979 issue 26

Luke, Leia, R2D2 and C3PO have been discovered by Imperial raiders in the Yavin system trying to get back to the rebel base. Their communicator is not working, one engine is gone and the shield is starting to fail. Leia insists they aren’t far from the base and they must be able to do something. But even has Leia shoots down more fighters the ship takes one hit too many and they are forced to use the escape pod. Suddenly, there are X-Wing fighters in view. The X-Wing’s are distracting the TIE fighters and Luke continues to steer towards Yavin 4. He just might make it. Thanks to their escort they make it back to the base to a warm greeting. They thought Luke and Leia had been lost and unable to return because of the blockade. Leia has bad news for them though. She brings them up to speed on the Tagge ship making and launching TIE fighters. She shows them the video she took as well. There is a base hidden in the gasses. They don’t know how to find it. Luke has an idea and runs off. He’s realized one of the TIE fighters that went down did not vaporize. They might be able to find the tech on the ship that links to their base. He finds the TIE fighter on the other moon still intact. However, the pilot could still be inside just fine. The pilot prepares to use self-destruct. R2 manages to stop that from happening by tearing apart the panel and defusing the detonator. The pilot is left with his blaster. Luke is faster though. Luke gets the device and races back to the base. R2 has been damaged. He needs to be repaired. One person on the ground, though, suggests stripping him for parts to repair other units. Luke doesn’t like that. Luke goes out and stays out for a while. Leia comes looking for him. She tells him that they are developing a way to use the item he brought back. But Luke is still upset about R2. Luke still feels bad for not completing his mission of finding a new base. Leia tells him that other pilots went out too but they didn’t come back. The General joins them. He agrees that there are missions that people cannot always return from but they still have to be sent, and sometimes it is the best. He wants to send Luke on a mission he might not return from. However, Luke decides to volunteer for the mission. They have had a TIE fighter stored on base for reference. But it’s now outfitted with the unit Luke recovered. It’s got enough proton charges to destroy a city but when Luke destroys whatever has created the storm corridor he’s going to have quite a challenge getting back out. He understands and prepares to leave. He heads off in the TIE fighter. Leia was not present for the launch. Instead she is deep in the ruins, hidden, as she cries. Meanwhile, C3PO is upset because he does not have the parts to fix R2. Luke gets to where the TIE fighters went through the weather. He turns off the device and moments later sees a tornado with the calm eye. He goes down it. It’s a giant turbine that the Tagge ship is attached to on it’s side. Baron Tagge is not concerned about the lone ship approaching. He thinks it’s a lookout ship that couldn’t get back sooner. He plans a few more raids to destroy the rebel base. Suddenly, there is an explosion. The first proton charge has been launched and hit its target. His instruments don’t work here, so he’s attacked the turbine while he can see it. He manages to set off a chain reaction. Now Luke has a challenge that the turbine has been destroyed. He’s now got to figure out how to get out. He uses the only thing he can, the force. He manages to escape the ball of gas. However, he was followed by the Tagge ship. They followed him out. However, Baron Tagge is still not happy. He wants revenge on Luke too.

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