Wonder Woman 1943 issue 5 (story 3)

Mars sends for Deception. He’s heard that Earth women are besting him. Ares berates deception for Wonder Woman beating Psycho. Deception reminds him Wonder Woman in invincible. She even defeated him. This reminder does not make Mars happy. He has Deception taken to the women’s prison and made their slave. He tries to use his charms on the prison guards. It works a little as they say they’ll beat him less. He works with political prisoners and convinces them that he is powerful and that he’s there to free them. However, he starts to believe his own lies. At feeding time the next day he tells them to be ready for the revolution at midnight. Later, he causes one of the guards to slip in soap. He swipes the keys and drops him in his soap bucket. She spanks him. Later the guard comes back looking for her keys. She doesn’t find them. He sneaks down later that night to free them all. Guards come but they over power the guards. Deception now has the prison completely under his control. He calls Mars to come down imitating the chief guards voice. Mars takes Lord Conquest with him. As they enter the prison they are hit with electric ray guns and are paralyzed. Deception tells Mars the girls loved him and now it’s his turn to be a slave. The freed women give Deception an army of his own. Greed comes and makes Mars a deal. If Mars reveals the secret of his hidden vault he will arrange his escape. He then uses some of the money to bribe the guards. The pair are brought to Mar’s space cruiser. They are going to Earth to capture Wonder Woman. As they enter Earth’s atmosphere the moon goes out. Steve and Diana are listening to a radio broadcast about the moon. A dark foreign object has been discovered in the earths atmosphere. They head to Holliday College to look at it themselves that night. Diana sees through the telescope and exclaims it’s an enormous space ship coming straight at earth. Steve catches her as she falls out of the chair as something crashes into the tower. Once on her feet she escapes a set of sawtooth jaws. However, Steve and the girls are still in the tower as it’s carried away. She turns into Wonder Woman. She heads to Paradise Island to track the invader with the magic sphere of Athena. Steve gets her a message via the mental radio while she is in route to Paradise Island. He tells her its Mars. On the island, The Queen herself helps Diana with the sphere. They can now trace the ship to it’s base. But Mars is clearly heading to the moon. The Queen is worried about the Goddess of the Moon and her daughters. She tells Diana to go immediately. Diana requests to take Paula for her scientific genius. They take a Sky Kanga. They have to use air masks but the Kanga has reserve air lungs. The Kanga leaps from meteorite to planetoid on their approach to the moon. They land on the moon and find the Goddess’s home. They dismount from the Kanga and are hit with arrows that wrap around their waists. It’s a lasso arrow. The Goddess’s nymphs arrive but they have orders to arrest Wonder Woman. Diana thinks its a game. They get put back to back. Wonder Woman decides to surrender. They are forced to do several tasks. Mars and Conquest alter their bracelets so they have no power. She realizes the Goddess Diana could have joined Mars. They are loaded on a plane. Diana is upset that her own Goddess betrayed her. The Goddess tells her she’s been poisoned and made a prisoner like Wonder Woman. Her nymphs are instantly upset. They did not realize she was drugged when she gave them orders. They try to give her wine but he stops them. He orders his Captain to get under way so they can raid earth in the dark again. Wonder Woman sees the Sky Kanga out the window, it’s following the ship. Wonder Woman finds Etta Candy. She asks her to create a diversion. While a brawl is going on, Wonder Woman gives the Goddess wine. Her head clears soon. Wonder Woman tries to send her back to the moon on her Sky Kanga. Before she goes she breaks all the man welded chains off Wonder Woman’s bracelets, restoring her strength. The Goddess tells Wonder Woman she’ll replace the moon mirrors as quick as she can so his ship will be seen. She will send her moon patrol to help. Mars finds her and they begin to fight. Meanwhile, Paula is making a mixture that is a metal eating acid. She releases Steve from his cell and he’s not chained. Wonder Woman delivers a knock out blow to Mars. But Conquest comes up behind her with a sword. However, Steve gets him. Paula has freed the Holliday girls and they are getting everyone. The Goddess is back on the moon. She goes to her Moon Mirror Power Station. Mars turned off the pumps, she turns them back on. The liquid mirrors start to flow again. Wonder Woman takes over command of Mars’ ship. Steve sees the moon again. She takes the ship back to the moon. The Goddess will send all the prisoners back and the martian women can remain free. Wonder Woman gets everyone on the Sky Kanga to go back to Washington.

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