Star Wars comic book 1979 issue 22

Chewbacca and Han are the last two left in the arena. Han tells Chewie, like it or not he will have to kill him.

The arena is set to look like deep space. The announcer tells the gladiators their weapons have been activated. Combat starts now. Just about everyone is quick on the trigger. It’s also been changed to zero gravity like space. So shooting the weapon can propel you backward. One player collides with something and he’s cooked. Han tries to shoot but his blaster wasn’t activated. He grabs a shield. He uses it to deflect a blast but it pushes him towards the planetoid death trap. Something grabs his ankle. He tries to stay on the offensive. He misses another opponent. Han tells Chewie to swim against the shock waves. The commander is getting angry because Han And Chewbacca are working together. He really wanted to execute them himself. Grayshade points out that killing them would not have helped the Empire’s plan to take over the wheel. Grayshade then points out to him that Han Solo and Chewbacca teaming up means nothing. He tells them the contract is clear, only one person survives. If they don’t fight to the death they both forfeit and will both be killed. This calms the commander. However, Grayshade gets summoned to a problem. The commander finally goes down. Grayshade drugged his drink. Elsewhere, Luke, Leia, and the droids are still following the guards with the stolen strong boxes. C3PO lets Leia know that R2 needs to get closer to keep recording. She thinks its too risky and they already have enough proof. Luke decides to go closer with R2 and cover him. But the bay door opens and the guards stand there waiting. They are caught. Luke ducks and tells R2 to get to safety. Luke overtakes them and gets into the bay all the way up to the ship. Grayshade intercepts Leia. He’s amused. Her escape worked better than he thought and she wound up exactly where he wanted her. The ship is his private yacht. He wants to negotiate a truce so Luke doesn’t damage it. A Star Destroyer comes out of hyperspace. It’s Darth Vader in pursuit of the force user they passed. He demonstrates the force on the Captain when he complains about the speed the ship is going at. They continue to the wheel even faster. Back at the wheel negotiations begin and Luke is not happy. His trade is simple: Leia for exposing the Empire’s plan. He wants to get her to fall in love with him. The stolen money will keep them happy for a long time and they won’t want for anything. But she has to promise no more escapes. He then shows her the gladiator arena on a screen. The survivors are dwindling. Han’s not happy, while surviving he’s also thinking about how he’s never heard of a tie in these games. He has to come up with a plan fast as Chewie is taking out the competition quickly. Han kicks a body into the planetoid and it blows up. There are now just three of them. Han heads towards Chewie. He tells him there can’t be two winners and that he stands the best chance against the other competitor since he took out the last trap. Han tells him he has to shoot him. They stare at each other, sharing some final unspoken thoughts.

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