Wonder Woman 1943 issue 5 (story two)

It’s Etta Candy’s birthday. Wonder Woman is the toastmistress. Steve, Paula and the Colonel are guests of honor. Nothing but candy is served. Etta arrives late, she has a toothache. Wonder Woman stops her from eating candy as it will make the tooth worse until it’s pulled. This upsets Etta. Wonder Woman has a friend in the hotel in room 753 who’s a dentist. She sends Etta there. But Etta goes to 357 instead. She interupts a robbery in progress. She knocks out both the robbers. Etta goes to use the phone but the woman attacks her. Etta is not happy. But the woman tells her her name is Mola and she knows that Etta came to stop a fake robbery of jewels so she can collect the insurance. Mola tries to knock out Etta and revive the two robbers. A detective arrives and is suprised that Etta knocked out the three. She finally finds the dentist. He tells her the bad tooth has been knocked out. It must have come out when the woman hit her. She heads back to her party. When she returns to her party she is applauded.

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