Star Wars comic book 1979 #19

C3PO and R2D2 are spotted by storm tropers on the wheel. Luke is in C3PO’s arms. However, C3PO and company are saved by a dividing wall that suddenly descends from the ceiling and sepearates them from teh storm troopers. So the storm troopers fire boucnes back on them. After R2D2 tells C3PO he managed to make that wall come down, C3PO is impressed. However, he is still annoyed that he hasn’t figured out where the hospital unit is. What the pair doesn’t know is that they are being monitored from the space stations executive tower. The master-com is shocked that the R2 unit hacked into his system. Grayshade is only worried about Princess Leia Organa. Master-com is impressed by the droids. Meanwhile, Han and Leia are fighting with each other while trying to make their way through the ship. Leia insists that Luke needed medical attention. She had no way of knowing that the empire was going to make it look like the rebels attacked that transport. She insists that whatever their plan is she is not happy about it either. They are also outnumbered. Wheel security tells the storm troopers to leave. They object stating their commander has clearance for them. The wheel security team tells them to leave it to Senator Grayshade. Leia hears the name and tells Han how corrupt he is. Han’s taken back to his ship to search it and Leia is taken in the other direction. Chewbacca has yet to be spotted. He make it to the top level of the wheel. The top level is a gambling city. Chewbacca heads to the Crimson Casino where they are to meet. He is found and told he hasn’t paid his registration fee or established a credit level and they request he come quietly with them. But chooses not to go quietly. A brawl begins and guests decide to wager on the outcome. Chewbacca wins. However, security is going to stun him and put him in the big game. He’s going to wake up in the gladiator pit. Han’s not happy they are tearing apart his Falcon. He’s informed they are authorized to kill him for attacking the profit ship and being a rebel. Leia has been taken to Grayshade’s office. Leia tries to get him to back off Han to tell him about what really happened to the highjacked profits. She tells him the empire blew up alderaan and that it’s the same hand that grabbed their shipment. The empire has never interferred with the wheel out of fear for its popularity and taxes. She goes on to tell him now that she knows what the cargo was she thinks the empire is trying to make it look like the wheel is a target of the rebel alliance. The empire will justify taking over the wheel under the guise of protecting it. Grayshade agrees it does seem typical of Imperial thinking. Leia tells them that if he sets her and her friends free they can track it down for him. Master-com comes in and tells Grayshade that Commander Strom is here to see him. He’s furious. Strom then shoots Master-Com. Strom sees Leia and threatens them both. Strom threatens to kill them both. Grayshade has Master-Com disarm him. Grayshade tells him to be grateful he still has hands. A new Master-Com droid comes out. Grayshade then tells Leia to make herself comfortable as he has a private chat with Strom. He tells Master-Com not to record this conversation. He then proposes a partnership with Strom. Grayshade informs him he is well aware that the stealing of the wheel profits is the empires firs step in a planned takeover of the wheel. He informs Strom that he has not done his job very well. Storm entertains the idea but wants to know what’s in it for him. Grayshade wants Leia, he’ll deliver the rest of the rebels to Strom. They clink glasses. Sometime later, C3PO and R2D2 finally got Luke to the hospital wing. Master-Com informs the healer that holding and treatment is authorized. The droids are outside the door. R2D2 actually reprogrammed the system to approve Luke’s hospitalization. A wheel security guard comes to fetch C3PO and R2D2. He tells them they are now wheel property, he’s going to take them for storage. C3PO concernedly asks about how they have become wheel property. He’s told that Han Solo pawned them to get a gambling stake. Down in the Gladiator pit, Chewbacca has awakened and he is not happy. He’s given the option of gladiator duty and possibly winning a fortune to pay off his fines on the wheel or be sent on a prison ship to the mines on Kessel. Han Solo is still not happy. He got the piracy charges dropped but he still owes them money to stay on board. He tries to think through everything going on. It doesn’t help. When he goes to get more chips, he’s just about out of luck. The cashier droid tells him he can still bet his life by being a gladiator in the the big game. He decides to try it. Grayshade wants to arrange for Han Solo to lose the big game and his life. He also arranged for him to lose at all the games he played.

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