The Big Bang Theory S02, Ep05 – The Euclid Alternative

Original Air Date: October 20, 2008

Favorite Quotes:

* Sheldon: I don’t like the way Darth Vader stares at me.

* Sheldon: If you’re not going to slow down for the speed bumps I withdraw my previous objection.

* Sheldon: I’m sorry I’m finding your reckless nonchalance about the check engine light extremely troubling.

Penny: Get out.

* Leonard: How did you get here in the first place?

Sheldon: Penny, but I sense that’s no longer an option.

* Lady at DMV: Look at that sign up there. Does it say I give a damn?

Sheldon: No.

Lady at DMV: That’s because I don’t.

* Sheldon: What if a simulated van hits me?

Penny: I’ll hit you in the face with a pillow.

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Leonard comes home and collapses on the couch. Sheldon tells him that he needs him to take him to return some sheets. The Star Wars sheets are just too stimulating, and Darth Vader is scaring him. Leonard tells Sheldon he was up all night working. Leonard tells Sheldon he’ll need to take the bus. He doesn’t want to because there are no seat belts. He goes to Penny’s and knocks till he wakes her up. He needs her to drive him to work. She tells him to take the bus and not do the bungee cord things. He decides to ask for a favor. When she exclaims, “oh God.” He thinks she’s praying and says he’ll wait till she’s done. In the car, he notices her check engine light is on. She tells him its fine and has been on for a month. He has a panic attack. He asks her why she is taking Euclid because it has speed bumps. He asks her to play a game with her and so she drives over the speed bumps faster. He winds up playing both sides of the game. She then kicks him out of the car. Later, Sheldon finds Leonard in the cafeteria and tells him he’s ready to go home. Leonard tells him he just got there. He tells him he can’t drive him for the next few weeks. Leonard leaves and Sheldon focuses on Howard. The Vespa and Sheldon do not mix. Raj then picks him up. Sheldon wants Raj to take him to get his comic books, a restaurant, and pottery barn. Sheldon winds up back at Penny’s door. She slams it in his face. Sheldon comes out to find everyone in the living room. It’s an intervention of sorts. They made him an appointment to get a driver’s license. They want him to learn how to drive. Penny lost so she has to take Sheldon to DMV to get his learners permit. She’s taking him to a few other places too. Everyone leaves but Raj who is still just sitting there. Penny asks him why he never got a driver’s license at 16. He says he was busy working on something science related. Howard has to tell Sheldon how to hand over the application. Sheldon points out that question one has a problem because car length is not a specific length. After telling the DMV lady about the first two questions and how they are wrong she gives him a learners’ permit and tells him to go away. Penny and Howard take him away. Back at the apartment, they have set up a driving simulator. Sheldon wants it configured so the color of the car is Luke’s original light saber color. Sheldon hits several vehicles and ends with a horrific crash. Penny hits him in the face with a pillow as promised. Sheldon decides to quit. Sheldon says he never quits, but in this moment he is. He thinks he’s not meant to learn how to drive. Sheldon comes out in his night clothes. He chose to stay at the school till Leonard completed his experiment. However, he completed it a week ago and hasn’t told Sheldon. He them traumatizes to janitors in the cafeteria in the middle of the night.

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