Wonder Woman comic book 1943 #4 (story three)

Diana finds a clerk reading a confidential paper. The clerk denies wrong doing but Diana thinks she is lying. She reports it to Steve Trevor. He thinks the clerk is innocent and suggests the lie detector test. Diana takes her wrist and leads her to it. She can’t defeat Diana’s strength. She fails the lie detector. Per the lie detector she is working for Ivar Torgson. The Colonel decides to hold her. He doesn’t want her talking to Torgson because he might destroy his secret formula for rubber extraction. It seems that most plants are helping the government with rubber, but the ones in league with Torgson are not. Diana asks about seizing their rubber formulas. Steve says they can but only if they can find them. Steve thinks the formula is in his office in the safe and wishes to raid it. Diana requests the opportunity to try and quietly find it. She’s given till midnight. Then Steve gets to raid the office. Diana mingles with plant employees and learns about a big meeting tonight. She goes as Wonder Woman over rooftops and uses her lasso to climb up. She managed to open the window so she can listen to the meeting. One of the men does not want to give the rubber formula to the government. He wants to keep it secret so they can control the rubber market after the war. Everyone is in agreement. Ivar Torgson gets a call. It’s the clerk that was working for him. She tells him to destroy everything they are raiding tonight. Wonder Woman notices that the meeting breaks up quickly after the call and becomes suspicious. However, the next day, Steve blames the failure on Diana. The Colonel is too upset to worry about who is to blame. Torgson then walks into the office. After he makes a rude comment he tell them he’ll never comply with their absurd demands unless they were going to torture him. Diana asks if she can deal with him privately and is given permission. She quickly heads to Etta’s school. On Reform Island Paula has created a machine, a subconscious x-ray. They use it on one of the girls to test it. Mala feel bad about how the girl feels. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman lands on reform island. Moments later, Paula is summoned to the temple. The goddess is ready to give her her third test. She has to change the character of men and make them service their fellow humans. Wonder Woman loads Paula and her new x-ray machine on her plane. Meanwhile, the clerk named Elva, is free and at Torgson’s apartment. She professes her love for him, but he doesn’t not for her. He tricked her. Then he pulls a gun on her. He ties to her a chair and gets out a chemical to use on her. She’s screaming for help. Wonder Woman arrives. He tries to shoot Wonder Woman but she deflects it and then lassos him. She gets him to call all his people to come down. She then rounds them up and takes them to Paula’s local laboratory. Once there she makes them all change into bathing suits. Paula and Wonder Woman begin brain scanning them. Man after man, an extremely inflated ego. Wonder Woman shows Elva what’s really going on in his mind. Then offers to help her with Igor. She has him for three days with Wonder Woman’s lasso. It goes well until the end. She mistakenly submits to his male dominance. He attacks her and prepares to attack the next person that comes in. He catches Wonder Woman in it. Wonder Woman is now in a very tight spot. She tries to escape. She finally succeeds without the building collapsing. She then frees Elva. Meanwhile, Paula, is working with the other captive mean. She’s using her hypnotic machine to try and change them. She’s imprinting Wonder Woman’s face on their brain so that they will obey her. Etta brings another man for Paula to work with. Wonder Woman is surprised. She asks why Paula didn’t make them her charges. She didn’t because she’s not fully in Aphrodite’s service yet. She starts working with the. She also gets Torgson to write all the formulas. Wonder Woman has another supervising a field being planted with a plant that can be turned into rubber. she gets two more building factories for the rubber extractions. Wonder Woman goes to Paula and congratulates her on a job very well done. She feels she’s passed the test. Paula tells Wonder Woman that Elva still loves Torgson. She asks her if she would submit to training. She agrees. Diana tells Steve the Colonel is delighted that she got Torgson and his men to cooperate. He thinks she got some help from Wonder Woman.

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