Star Wars comic book 1978 #17

Luke Skywalker is on watch in the cockpit of the Falcon. He thinks back to Tatooine. A wamp rat eats another critter. Luke is in his speeder and shoots the wamp rat. But he banked the speeder so hard it almost flipped over. The rest have gone far underground. He loads the one he killed on his speeder. Bantha Raiders had been watching Luke, but he was unaware. He arrives home to be yelled at by his uncle. The droid he took in will take a week to be repaired. Owen is furious because he needs to to install the vaporators. Luke asks if he can go to Bigg’s going away to the Academy party. Owen berates again. Aunt Beru steps in and he’s allowed to go. Luke talks with Aunt Beru, he asks what happened between Uncle Owen and his father. Beru honestly tells him, “nothing, really.” She points out he might have been to dependant on others to help with the farm. She tries to make him understand that his uncle does care about him in his own way. In the workshop Luke tunes up the skyhopper. He sits behind the controls and imagines he’s a commander leading star fighters into combat. They win the battle and he rescues a hostage. Uncle Owen comes in, says he’s been yelling for Luke for five minutes. He just wanted to tell him that he was shutting off the external power for the night. Luke goes to the party at Beggar’s Canyon. He and Biggs race through the two mile long sheer walled canyon. It appears that the race has more than just Luke and Biggs as other people fly up out of the canyon and exit the race. Luke and Biggs are the last two in the race. Biggs pulls up at the end and fires on wamp rats. Everyone is enjoying the party. The Jawas are the only ones not having fun because no one wrecked so there is nothing for them to scavenge. But then someone notices a speeder on fire and it crashes. They to go see if the driver is ok. It’s a militia scout. He’s tring to warn everyone about big trouble. He tells them the Tusken Raiders are on a rampage. One of their sacred wells got pulleted by a supply caravan. It was smuggling guns and now the Raiders have the guns. They have enough firepower to take out a small town and everything in between. Moments later the Tusken Raiders arrive. They can’t get any communication out as there’s too much interference. Luke and Biggs head for the hoppers. One of the Tusken Raiders suprises them. It’s throws a stafflike thing at Biggs hitting him in the shoulder. Luke is forced to shoot him. Biggs thinks the point was poisoned as he’s not feeling well. Luke blasts up to get him to a medical droid. But Biggs tells him to keep low because they are better armed now and have a better chance of hitting him higher. He tells him he’s going to have to go through Diablo Cut. But Luke says it’s impossible. Luke is willing to try it though to save both Biggs and his family farm. In the cut, Luke and the hopper must be as one and his instincts must be spot on. Biggs tries to talk but he faints. Luke manages to make it through the cut only to find a Tusken Raider scouting party waiting at the end. He makes it to the farm as flames are coming out the back of the skyhopper. Uncle Owen sees whats going on and thinks Luke has gone mad. He yells for Uncle Owen to get a med pack and for Aunt Beru to call the local militia. The militia arrives and sends the Tuskean Raiders back to the Jundland Wastelands. Luke feels like flying through Diablo Cut was some kind of test that he passed. He knows now that being a farmer is not what he’s meant to do. Instead he’ll have the greatest adventure of all that reaches it’s heights with the battle on the death star. Han then enters and snaps him out of his thoughts. He apologizes for being late to relieve him. Han figures he’s tired of being at the controls, but Luke counters telling him he’s right where he wants to be.

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