Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S04, Ep02 – The Moons of Thalos 3

Original Air Date: November 1, 2015

Favorite Quotes:

* Raph: Hey Casey? Do you think a turtle could date a newt?

* Leo: Worst idea you’ve had and that’s saying something. Forget it Raph, let’s just get that Irillium.

* Mikey: Whoa, Raph’s one of the bad guys?

Raph: We’re friends now Mikey.

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Salamandrians are attacking the Triceratons. They also detect fugitoids ship and open fire on it. Fugitoid freaks out and screams they are all going to die. Leo retells what has happened and why they are in space. Everyone gets thrown around as they plummet towards a planet and crash. Donatello is shocked at the temperature on the planet, -180 degrees Celsius. The ship has taken a lot of damage. They won’t be able to recharged their suits. A small winged creature lands on April. Donnie finds some metal as well. They can use it to patch the ship. The Salamanders are there as well. They also want the metal. As they trek towards the metal the journey becomes more challenging. April has a weird vibe alert. The Salamandrian’s try to attack them. Raph tries to calm the situation. Leo tries to make peace by offering his had but to the Salamandarian’s that a signal to attack. A battle begins. Fugitoid looses he cool and turns his hands and arms into guns and opens fire on the Salamandarians. The female blows up the rock and buries them all. Fugitoid pulls everyone out. They continue walking to the metal. Raph admits that he likes her. He suggests that they make peace with the two and work together. Leo will not have it. Raph gets out his sais and uses them to climb up the ice. No one notices for a bit, but then April does.  As they approach the metal, winged creatures appear and attack. Raph tries to talk to the pair. She chose to shoot the ice instead of Raph. The ice dragons attack them as well. Raph climbs back up just intime to save the female newt he has a crush on. She then saves him. She introduces herself but he can’t say her name so he calls her Mona Lisa instead. The commander is frozen. Fugitoid is thawing him. The ice dragons attack again. Mikey starts trying to come up with names for the commander. They do become friends though and work together. They find the metal, but its in the form of a Triceraton space mine. The ice dragons are also back. But this time there are a lot more. They run for it. It gets a bit dicey and they wind up sliding down much of the mountain. Casey uses some of his pucks to take a few dragons out. They use a number of his pucks to make a rift. They all get back to the ship but they are just about out of oxygen. Even the Salamander captain passes out. Each member of the team start to fall one by one. Inside the ship everyone starts coming around. Mona Lisa takes Raph’s hand and Fugitoid interrupts a kiss. But Mona Lisa corrects it. It’s Raph’s foot that goes up. Raph is heartbroken as he watches she and her commander fly away in their ship.

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