Wonder Woman Comic Book 1943 #3 (story four)

The Colonel and Steve are discussing Diana’s disappearance. Her horse was found but not her. One of their theories is sabotage at the ammunition plant. It’s point out that Kirby saw Diana. He tells them a car tried to run him down and she went after it. They suspect it is the baroness. They show Kirby a picture of the baroness. He identifies her. His mom has also seen her around the ammunition plant. They race to the plant. When they check, they learn she has indeed been poking around. She’s been pretending to be a government inspector. A man is watching them he speaks in German, then English. On Reform Island, the baroness begs Wonder Woman to take her back as the German’s have planned to destory the ammuniton plant. She promises to remain Wonder Woman’s prisoner while saving the plant. Kirby’s mother is in danger at the plant. She’s tricked into going to the stcok room and knocked out and tied up. Kirby arrives to walk her home, but she’s not at her desk. Then an emergency message comes in. The Western Wing of Factor 6 is on fire. It’s full of explosives and needs to be evacuated immediately. Kirby’s mom is missing and the receptionist makes her leave with him. He breaks away to go back and find his mom. A firefighter comes out with a woman he found in a starwell. Kirby manages to find the storeroom and his tied up mom. He runs to a window to try and get help. Wonder Woman gets mad at Paula for not telling her sooner. She says they moved up the timeline and didn’t know. Steve tries to arrest her. Wonder Woman spots the little boy. Everyone tries to stop her from helping him. She gets a ladder from the fire department. There’s a firefighter on the other side of. She instructs him to spray her with the hose while she jumps to the building. The stream from the hose helps her reach the building and protects her from the fire. She catches the window and has to pull herself up. Kirby recognizes Wonder Woman and helps her inside. She quickly breaks the chain holding his mother. Paula insists on being freed to go save Wonder Woman. Steve refuses and she kicks him. She grabs a fire coat and hat and runs in. She’s looking for a bomb to disarm to save Wonder Woman. She gets to the bomb and something blinds her. She puts it into water and then passes out. Back at the top of the building, Wonder Woman uses her lasso to get the ladder and create a rope to cross. She puts Kirby and his mom on her shoulders and starts walking the rope. They arrive safely. Wonder Woman returns to Steve and asks where Paula is. He tells her she knocked him out and went it to stop a bomb and save her. Wonder Woman insists they go in and save her. He takes her in another building with an adjoining basement. She breaks through the wall easily. They find her quickly and exit. Wonder Woman actually runs her to a hospital herself. Paula has 3rd degree burns and smoke inhalation. Wonder Woman goes down to the lab to try and make an amazon ointment to help her. She makes it and returns to her room. The doctor tells her there is no hope and her time is short. She asks for a few minutes alone with her. Once the doctor leaves she takes off her bandages and applies the ointment she made. That afternoon, the doctor tells Wonder Woman she is recovering and out of the woods. Steve also finds Diana at the hospital. He’s thrilled. She tells him she changed clothes and followed Paula. Diana becomes her nurse. She keeps giving her the ointment which is helping heal her wounds. Paula tells her she knows that she is there as her jailor and she does not plan to run away but to stand trial for her crimes. Wonder Woman is shocked. Paula has recovered enough to stand trial, however, her face is horribly scarred. She wears a veil. Wonder Woman thinks her face will help her case. Wonder Woman is helping the defense. The prosecutor opens about a previous crime and Wonder Woman objects that she has already been convicted on that case. The judge agrees. The deense begins. Etta Candy is the first witness. She speaks of Paula’s daughter Greta being held captive by the Nazi’s and that she had to do whatever they wanted to protect her child. Wonder Woman gives a closing statement about how Paula atoned for her sins by saving her life. And that by doing so she has been horribly scared. She then has Paula uncover her face. She is found not guilty. Wonder Woman gets her mothers’s permission to bring Paula to Aphrodite’s temple. Paula commits herself to the goddess. She accepts Paula and a neophyte and gives her a new face. It’s actually the queen who does the new face at her goddess’s instruction. She is quite skillful. Paula’s new face is beautiful. Diana makes herself promise by tying herself with her lasso to not use Paula as a pawn.

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