Wonder Woman 1943 #3 (story one)

Diana is using a silver chariot to return to the island to celebrate Diana’s Day which is the Amazon Christmas Day. During her holiday she still has time to stop a scheme of the Baroness. Etta Candy tells Diana that two of her friends were arrested. They are accused of being spies by the FBI. There are 21 all total. Etta asks Diana to help. Diana is allowed to see Etta’s friends because of her position. Diana then goes to visit the FBI. The agent she speaks to tells her the baroness gave up these ladies as spies. Diana doesn’t believe him because she would not willingingly talk. He tells her that he pursuaded her. He takes Diana to talk to her, but the baroness is escaping. As they speak with the guard she tied up he tells her that the baroness said she only confessed so she would be brought to Washington. Diana tries to get her confession overturned because it was just part of her plan, but the FBI refuses. Once home, Diana receives a call from her mother. She requests she come home for the Diana’s Day celebration. Diana asks her mother if she can bring Etta Candy. She says yes as she is not bound to a man. As Wonder Woman she goes to visit Steve. She tells him about the festival. She gifts Steve with a mental radio. She lets him know she is going home for the holiday but is worried about the baroness being on the loose. Wonder Woman and Etta drive to the barn where her plane is hidden. Wonder Woman is not aware that someone is tailing them. A woman assigns slave Keela to follow Wonder Woman to Paradise Island. She hides in the trunk that Wonder Woman filled with presents for the Amazons. Wonder Woman and Etta don’t notice as they prepare to take off. They arrive at the island and choose to speak only in English for Etta’s benefit. It’s finally discovered that the presents are not in the trunk. Etta thinks the engine vibration might have shaken the trunk loose, but Wonder Woman points out the engine is vibrationless. Diana and her mother have a wonderful reunion. A different amazon is chosen each year to play the Goddess and this year Diana is chosen. Each year amazon’s try to take the goddess mask. The first attempt is by Zoe, but it’s unsuccesful. While she is tying her up the slave approache. Zoe sees her and warns Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman catches her and throws her out the window. No one suceeded in taking the mask. The next morning, based on the gifts all knew who it was. She explains what the gifts are and how to use them. All the girls who tried to take the mask are now dressed as doe’s for a hunt, including the stowaway. Etta doesn’t understand and Wonder Woman tells her the story. Wonder Woman puts Etta on a kanagroo and gives her a lasso so she can join the deerhunt as well. Diana gets one deer easily. It’s the first deer she will have to carry on the hunt. Etta is not having much success due to the kangaroo’s jumping. Etta decides to take a rest and while doing so one of the deer walk by. She easily catches it with a lasso. Wonder Woman won the hunt by catching three deer. The deer are “skinned” for cooking and then the ladies are given other animal costumes to wear. The spy/stowaway is asked to dance like a chicken. Etta still has her deer. She suddenly attacks Etta Candy. Keela (the slave/stowaway/assasin) ties up Etta and goes to the banquet. At the banquet, Keela steals the magic girdle. She tricks Wonder Woman by whispering in her ear that Etta is in danger. However, Wonder Woman recognizes her as the girl who tried to stab her. She gives chase. Finally, they arrive at Etta. Keela challenges Wonder Woman. The fight is not going well for her and she realizes this. Keela knocks Wonder Woman out and ties her to a tree. When she comes to, she shows Wonder Woman that she stole the magic girdle. The baronnes, meanwhile, is on a Japanese battleship heading straight towards Paradise Island. The ship actually penetrates the mist surrounding Paradise Island. Once clear, the baroness instructs them to lower all boats and land troops. Back at the banquet the queen finally notices her girdle is gone. Someone immediately thinks Etta took it. However, Mala finds Diana’s boot tracks and knows that she’s on the thief’s trail. So they all follow the tracks. Keela threathens to Kill Diana if they come any closer. Diana tells her the girdle is more important than her life. But the queen refuses. Mala, however, sneaks behind Etta and Diana. She frees Etta. Etta charges Keela. Keela then pulls a gun. Wonder Woman actually uproots the tree she is tied to. Wonder Woman blocks the bullets with the tree. Mala and Etta are able to quickly subdue Keela. Wonder Woman discovers that this woman is a slave. She feels a weird vibration on the wrist bands and realizes that they are transmitting the island’s location. The Amazon’s head to the coast. They get there just in time to meet the Japanese heading ashore. Wonder Woman leads the battle. Wonder Woman and the amazons dive under the boat and work together to push it backwards and outside of the mist. Meanwhile, Steve Trevor has been following the and when he sees it again he releases his full load of bombs on it and sinks it with her aboard. However, he’s wrong. The amazons catch a boat that she is on coming ashore. The queen sentences the baroness to reform island. She will be imprisoned there along with the rest until there is no evil left in their minds. Wonder Woman and Etta return to America with the baronesses conffession. Etta’s friends are freed.

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