Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S04, Ep01 – Beyond the Known Universe

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012
Season: 4
Episode: 1
Title: Beyond the Known Universe
Original Air Date: October 25, 2015

Links for the first six volumes below:

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Favorite Quotes:

* Donnie: Amazing, this is like a full on geek explosion.

* Fugitoid: Everyone to their stations!
Casey: What stations?
Fugatoid: Oh you know, just pick one!

* April: Ok, I sense that we’re going to get our butts kicked in a big way.

* April: I’m human. On my plant we squash bugs like you.
Insect Ruler: You kill insects!!!

* Fugitoid: Oh great. I can’t believe you ticked off half of the known intelligent races in the known universe.

Synopsis: Leo gives a summary of the what the Triceratons did, end Earth. All their friends and even Master Splinter are gone. A droid saved them at the last few seconds. Leo, loses his patience with the droid, Fugitoid. He’s not giving them any answers. He just tells them all questions will be answered in time. Leo continues to tell the story of the black hole generator. They are now trying to stop the Triceratons by any means possible. They managed to go back in time about six months. The droid somehow did it. Now they have six months to stop the Earth’s destruction by the Triceratons. They have to find the 3 pieces of the black hole machine before the Triceratons. They need to destroy at least one piece to save Earth. Fugitoid introduces himself as Professor Honeycut. He’s a human/droid combo. There’s a human brain. He use to be human. The ship alerts to a problem. He asks them to help. He has lots of space suits. The turtles all done space suits to go outside and fix the ship. Casey and April get a set too. Raph gets a little space sick. Everyone is over joyed at what being in space is like. The ship is damaged and they wind up in a giant asteroid field. Everyone starts getting hit by the asteroids. They get knocked farther away from the ship. Finally, everyone gets back on the ship and Fugitoid orders everyone to their stations. They all work together to navigate the asteroid field safely. They have to stop at a random space port to refuel (it’s not lost on me how many star wars references there are including how the space port and aliens look – it’s like Mos Eisley). Mikey starts looking for food. The one place he finds has some very unique cuisine. Raph and Casey find an armory. They are told not to touch anything but they don’t listen. They battle with a laser axe and a sword of some kind. Leo tries to pick up a girl and it goes badly. Mikey kills the cake that tried to eat him. The owner wants Mikey to pay for it as it was the last of it’s kind. Raph accidentally beheads the droid with the laser ax. April accidentally breaks the crystal she is holding. The whole team is on the run. It turns into a crazy battle. And they all make a run for it. The insect ruler introduces himself to the team. Something he was holding gets broken. It was more expensive than all the rest of the things combined. He orders his minions attack them. They manage to take out all of his troops. Raph tries to take him on directly and it doesn’t go well. The insect ruler sets his pets on April. She escapes by shooting him repeatedly. Donnie hits him with a kick. They all race back to the ship. The insect ruler gives chase once they leave the planet. It somehow laid some space eggs. The eggs hatch and turn into creepy space bugs. Mikey starts to take them out. Somehow one gets inside and its pissed. They all battle it and Casey finally shoots a proton puck into it’s mouth to kill it. The insect ruler pledges to hunt them down and feed them to his children piece by piece. Fugitoid finally manages to complete a space jump and lands right in the middle of the Triceratons fleet.

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