Wonder Woman 1942 #2 (story four)

Mars is searching for Deception but cannot find him. A new prison ship arrives and Mars goes to check if Wonder Woman or Deception is on it. One female prisoner faints from fright. Turns out it was Deception in a false body. He throws him in the dungeon with Greed. This affects the wars on Earth. Japan and Italy make an agreement to capture Wonder Woman. He calls on Conquest. He chooses to work with Italy to try and capture her. Mussolini decides to send two men to capture her. One is a handsome nobleman, the other a strong giant. Conquest takes over the giant immediately.

The nobleman begins charming women at a party. Wonder Woman is not impressed with his act. He invites her to see his giant perform. She accepts because she wants to know if he is stronger than her. First he has a tug of war with an elephant. Next he fights a champion from the Navy. He knocks him out in 20 seconds. Wonder Woman is there as Diana with Steve. The giant challengers Wonder Woman. She decides to accept and excuses herself.

She jumps into the ring. She lasts the full round and is given $5,000. The giant now pledges $50,000 for a fight to the finish. She agrees if the winnings get split between the USO and Red Cross. She tries to stretch out the fight but wins with a single punch.

To collect the checks she goes to an office but it’s a trap. The metal plate under her feet is electrified as she is handed a wet sponge. She is paralyzed. She is captured. Steve comes looking for her as well and he’s also captured. They damage her bracelets and she becomes upset that she will not have any strength now.

They are chained up in a chamber. Steve tells her to break the chains, but she tells him she can’t anymore. They are taken to a dungeon in Mars palace. Wonder Woman tries to reach Etta via mental communication. She’s taken up to see Mars. He tells her to submit as a slave. If she refuses then he’ll torture Steve. The proceedings are interrupted by a prison ship. Etta arrives. She’s brought what Wonder Woman asked for. She pours it on her bracelets to restore them. Her strength is now restored.

Wonder Woman and Mars now face off. She is winning. He crashes headfirst into a canister of explosive gas meant for Earth. They use this to get away. They take a ship to get back to Earth. They see Mars palace burn down. They return, Steve calls her a beautiful angel. She tells them there is still so much work to be done.

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