Wonder Woman 1942 #2 (story three)

Greed is forced to return to Mars on a convict ship. Mars waits to greet him, assuming he brought Wonder Woman. Mars confronts him. He admits he could not defeat Wonder Woman, his ship was blown up and the money lost. He fines Greed 10,000 pounds of gold and imprisons him until he pays it.

Mars now calls on Deception to get Wonder Woman. He’s got a group working on kidnap plans. Deception, has made a replica of Wonder Woman. He practices impersonating her. He then boards his plane and heads to Earth. Greed’s time in prison is affecting things on Earth. Hitler is letting up. They ask Wonder Woman to help them keep selling war bonds. A dancer breaks away and tells Wonder Woman that Japanese are hiding on her island. She hands her a knife and then dies. They think she killed her but Wonder Woman says it was a man named Taki.

Wonder Womand and Taki are taken in to custody. Several men very high up in Government come to try and get her out. She chooses to stay. Later, she is told she is being released. Her attorney got her bail and her lasso back. He takes her back to his place and tries to poison her. She uses her lasso to get the truth. However, it’s not her lasso, its a fake. Her lasso is now around her. The dead girl is not dead either. Turns out it was a false body that died. She takes Wonder Woman with her in a taxi. She is put on a yacht. The woman ties her up from head to toe and even tapes her mouth and eyes. However, Wonder Woman can still mentally call Etta Candy.

She manages to loosen changes and such and jump out of a porthole into the ocean. The woman who kidnapped her sees and jumps in the water to get her. They have a small fight in the water. Etta and the girls show up just in time. She finds her false body and gets an idea. Wonder Woman calls the Colonel with the intel she has. They fly to her island in her plane. Steve goes to this island as well.

Wonder Woman is invited to a festival. She gives some of the potion from Aphrodite to Etta to take over the false Wonder Woman body. They try to capture Wonder Woman but don’t succeed. She and Steve use her lasso to get the truth out of her captor. They are able to stop and attack of 28 battleships with the information. The American’s easily defend and end the Japanese attack. Wonder Woman is given great thanks. She then heads off to rescue Etta who’s being held in a cave. She switches places with Etta. She then deals with Deception. Etta joins in and helps. Deception makes a run for it. Wonder Woman throws a boulder at his plane smashing it.

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