Wonder Woman 1942 #2 (story two)

Mars begins planning his revenge. However, he sends three of his minions to defeat Wonder Woman. We switch to Hitler, where he gets a Martian radio message. A radio message is intercepted in Washington. Diana easily decodes it. It tells them where Hitler is going to be. Steve volunteers to go on the mission. But it will take five days to get there. However, Wonder Woman shows up with her invisible plane and volunteers to get him there in three hours. He accepts. She eludes all the Nazi’s and lands safely. When they get to the apartment they are met by a Nazi storm trooper. Turns out the storm trooper is actually the agent.

He puts them in position to listen to the meeting. Hitler arrives. He’s presented a plan to raid the US Treasury, but he tells them they are crazy. However, Greed whispers in his ear and suddenly he approves the plan. Suddenly, the roof collapses. Steve is knocked out. She escapes with Steve and the Nazi’s think she is the assassin. They get in her plane and head back. Steve lets the Colonel know what’s going on and he commends both Steve and Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, Etta Candy shows up and she is upset. Her college is being shut down. The college is being shut down due to lack of funds. Etta thinks something is fishy and suspects the treasurer stole all the schools money. Wonder Woman decides to investigate.

She surprises the college President with a visit. He thinks it a prank at first. She finds out that the school needs at least $50,000 to even open the next day. Etta has the world series on the radio. Wonder Woman comes up with a plan. She’ll get a women’s team together to play the winners to raise money for the school.

She talks to the league president. He’s not sure. His team is about to lose and Wonder Woman volunteers to pinch hit if he helps. The pitcher does not want to throw her anything good and throws three wide balls. She misses a curve ball but hits the fastball out of the park.

The owner is now wiling to help. Greed is not happy because the school is not closing. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman gets an all woman team together to play the Pups. The game is a tight one. Wonder Woman has to pitch. Finally, Wonder Woman is at bat with two runners on base. She can win the game with a home run. There is a ball change. When she hits it it explodes. She’s taken to the school infirmary. She is then kidnapped by people with German accents. She winds up getting melted into a pillar of gold. The nurse breaks free and sounds the alarm.

Etta frantically calls Steve. Steve, who is guarding the vaults, goes and checks them. He’s knocked out. She sees him and busts out of the gold. Wonder Woman arrives in the nick of time. They escape Wonder Woman and Steve only to run into Etta Candy and some other women. Wonder Woman goes after the masked doctor. It turns out it’s the college president. He stole the college funds. He spills his guts and confesses to all he’s done. Anti-aircraft guns go off. They likely blew up Greed’s ship.

Wonder Woman wound up raising over $100,000 for the college.

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