Wonder Woman 1942 #2 (story one)

Mars has challenged Wonder Woman to a fight. She wins.

The world is at war. Mars is angry because Japanese and Nazi spies are being stopped. Wonder Woman is the cause. They plan to go after her weakness, Steve Trevor. He gets new orders and leaves abruptly. She follows as Wonder Woman as she feels he’s in danger. She meets him at the airport and he is surprised. He does not allow her to go with her. So she gives him some healing pills from her purple ray. He says he’ll write though.

She hasn’t heard from in quite some time. She contacts Etta Candy and she has not heard from him either. Even the Colonel is worried. Wonder Woman prays to Aphrodite. She appears and tells her that Mars has taken him prisoner to trap Wonder Woman. She takes a potion from the Goddess to try and rescue Steve.

She immediately travels to where Mars is. She surrenders and is taken prisoner. She and others are put on an inter space convict ship. She is not happy with the treatment of people taken prisoners and does something about it. The ship finally lands at a dock on Mars. Wonder Woman disguises herself. The prisoners get sorted. Wonder Woman breaks a test. She excels at each test.

Once in a cell, she makes friends with her cellmate, Tiva. She helped prisoners yesterday and that’s why she was imprisoned. The next day they are taken to an amphitheater for a tournament. The first task is to be the last person standing on the platform. Wonder Woman won’t push anyone into the fire below. It’s down to Tiva and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman hurls Ziva safely past the fire. They are very excited to see her performance. Another Martian is set upon her. They continue to make her fight. She continues to win.

Mars hears Wonder Woman’s battle cry and recognizes it. He now knows she is Wonder Woman. He has her sent to his palace. Once chained she figures out how to hear what he is saying. He tries to honor her with a feats. She is given a slave. She tells her a story about a human who told a joke. Wonder Woman has her tell her the joke. She knows it’s Steve. She offers to take Wonder Woman to him. Mars follows them.

She finds Steve and the three try to escape. They get to the top and steal a boat, but it’s a trap. Wonder Woman manages to get rid of the Martians. Mars is angry that she beat him.

Steve’s wounded body has been found. When he was thrown out of a plane he took the pill that Wonder Woman gave him. Wonder Woman wakes up. Steve wakes up as well. Wonder Woman now knows that Mars wants revenge. She uses her golden lasso to make Steve promise to take her with him.

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