Wonder Woman 1942 #1 (story four)

Story Four – The Greatest Feat of Daring in Human History

Diana turns on her mental radio as she feels someone is trying to send her a mental message. It’s Etta Candy sending her a message. Etta’s brother is in the army. He was attacked by spies. His skull is fractured. Wonder Woman can’t really do anything, but she passes the information to Colonel Darnell the next day. However, Etta also surprises Diana and invites her home with her. To Texas, and her brother will be there as well. Diana agrees because she can question Etta’s brother. On the train, Etta has a suitcase of candy. Diana tries to get her to cut back, but it doesn’t work. Etta’s brother meets them at the train station. He’s got no interest in Diana. At the ranch, horseback riding is the pass time. The ranch hand that Etta’s brother asks to saddle up three horses, also makes a call and tells someone where they are going. Diana tries to downplay her horse riding skills but winds up showing some serious skill while retrieving something Etta drops. They hear someone calling for help and go in search of the voice. A woman is trapped in a shaft under and old house. Etta’s brother tries to rescue her. Diana helps. They finally get her up and out of the hole. She tells them her story. She was kidnapped and put in the mine because she wouldn’t marry someone. She seems to fall for Etta’s brother rather quickly. She gives him a cigarette to smoke and it knocks him out. When he comes to he is questioned by the ranch hand. He can’t lie. He winds up telling the plans of some transports. He races off to give this information and collect a reward. He gets knocked off his horse but continues. Meanwhile, Diana is looking tortured as Etta sings a song. Etta stops to check on her brother and finds the lady with him and he unconscious. The lady pulls a gun when she starts to lose and Diana steps in to prevent her from shooting Etta. As the woman escapes, Diana turns into Wonder Woman. She gets Etta’s brother to tell her what he told the woman. Wonder Woman goes after her and carries Etta on her back. The woman tries shooting Wonder Woman but she easily deflects the bullets. She tries leading her into an ambush. Wonder Woman surrenders so they’ll take her to their hideout.

Meanwhile, intel comes in that there is a Japanese base in Mexico, that’s got a very large number of troops. Trevor is sent to Mexico to find the base. At the same time, Wonder Woman and Etta are driven towards Mexico. The captors throw Etta out of the car to be run over by the second car. Wonder Woman breaks free and saves Etta just in time. One of the cars crashes into a tree. They follow the men to Mexico City. The woman who trapped them is a famous bull fighter there. She kills the bull. However, she is tasked with a second bull. He gets the upper hand and is about to kill her as Wonder Woman comes to the rescue. She uses her lasso to make the bull obey her so she does not have to kill him. After Wonder Woman takes the bull fighter, Pepita, to her dressing room. She finds out that Pepita’s father has bene taken by the Japanese and that is why she was helping them, to save him. She is able to tell them where their base is. She heads to the airport for her plane and meets Trevor there. She requests a flock of fighting planes follow her.

She surrenders when she arrives. She uses her lasso on the general. Trevor arrives at that moment. She commands the general to surrender the base to Steve Trevor and he does. It makes the papers.

When Wonder Woman returns she finds Pepita telling Etta’s brother she love shim. She gives them a blessing of Aphrodite.

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