Wonder Woman 1942 #1 (story three)

Story Three – Horses vs Nazi Sea-Power

Trevor is informed that a U-Boat sunk a transport ship 10 miles from shore. A baroness that Wonder Woman captured is mentioned. They think she might be able to provide some answers. Trevor has to question her and he says he’s bringing Diana Prince as her skills are valuable. Trevor barges into her room while she is packing up her costume. He asks her to go with him to the prison and then after will drop her off at the station for her weekend. The two are admitted to the prison and are allowed to speak with the baroness. She tells them she knows nothing. Trevor brings in a lie detector machine. However, the baroness snaps and attacks Trevor. The guards step in and take her away.

Elsewhere, the warden’s kids are playing. He knocks over Diana’s bag and finds her lasso and takes it. Diana retrieves her bag but does not know the bag has been opened and the lasso taken. She insists on being taken home, she’s already missed her train. Meanwhile, the baroness is put back in solitary, but the guard does not secure her. However, there’s a trap door in this cell. She signals, it opens and she descends. Her group of spies and agents are all waiting. They’ve captured a captain with sailing orders. She commands he be brought to her. He refuses to talk.

She tries a hypnotic experiment. It works at first but he fights it off. Next, she has a henchman soften him up. Later, she is taken outside for air. She requests to go to the private walk by the warden’s grounds. When there she see’s the boy playing with the lasso. He lassos his sister with it. Both the kids realize something is odd. The Baroness realizes it’s Wonder Woman’s lasso. The boy admits to the guard that he took it from Trevor’s bag. The guard takes.

The next day in Trevor’s office, U-Boats are attacking the transports. After the firing stops they find the Captains body in the water by the U-Boats. Trevor feels it’s a job for Wonder Woman. When she puts on her costume she finds her lasso is gone. She decides to visit the prison to ask about her lasso. She finds the little boy. She teaches him how to throw his own lasso correctly. He tells her about the lasso the guard took from him. She heads off to find that guard. The guard turns up dead and they try to pin it on Wonder Woman.

She calls Trevor for help and tells him what’s happened. A few hours later, Trevor tells Diana he solved the case and the baroness did it. He tells her he is waiting for Wonder Woman to call. He won’t let Diana leave. She finds a phone and calls as Wonder Woman. He finds Diana on the phone and she covers by saying she is listening in in case he wants her to take dictation.

She heads to the prison to get her name cleared only to find she is arrested. She defends herself and requests to be put in the cell next to the baroness. After in the cell she breaks her shackles and listens to what is going on below. The Baroness imprisons her using her own lasso against her. She is also holding the little boy as a prisoner. She’s tied to a pole and Freddy is in a cage. She knocks over the pole and breaks open the cage so he can untie her. Freddy comes to the rescue as he uses his new lasso throwing skills to catch the Baroness. The Baroness makes a run for it and Wonder Woman follows. Meanwhile, Trevor learns of a secret U-Boat base not far from the prison. He sends a cavalry to take it out. But the U-Boat base is ready and takes fire on them. Wonder Woman joins them as the Baroness disappears into the fire. The cavalry happily follows Wonder Woman into battle. She captures the leader and the Baroness is shot and falls in the water. She’s given honorary title of Colonel. She thanks Freddy for his help.

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