Zatanna 2010 #2

Fuseli’s Nightmare

There were Hyena villains. The original hyena’s are dead but they bit many people creating new hyenas. Zatanna got summoned by the JLA to New Orleans to deal with the amassing hyenas. Vixen and Black Canary help her out. Once the hyenas are dispatched the two invite her for a drink, but she’s had a long night and is exhausted. They offer her help with her hometown problem. She’s says she will let them know.

As soon as she gets in bed, she hears banging and loses it. One of her crew is building a new cabinet for her show. Zatanna convinces her to stop. She heads home. A small goblin known as the nightmare pops up at Zatanna’s. He can’t get in through the front door. The house is far too protected. He will have to dream hop to enter. He finally gets into Zatanna’s dream, but she knows it’s him. They battle in her dream. She asks him who sent him as she figure out it’s Brother Night. She has to break Fuseli’s concentration to be able to escape.

Det. Dale, is still up working the case. He’s had files pulled back to 1969. he asks his coworker about the Mount Diablo Thirteen. He doesn’t recall all and wants to review his notes. Turns out Eldon Peck was the leader. He hijacked a busload of kids 40 years ago. Thirteen of the kids he murdered. He was found covered in their blood. He uttered a single word and walked away from the arresting officers. Suddenly, Brother Night appears in front of them both and introduces himself. Brother Night wants him to work with him. He gifts him three criminals but Dale is not interested.

Back in Zatanna’s dream, she is still fighting with Fuseli. She distracts him enough grab and strangle him. She pulls him out of the dream into her house. She uses her knowledge of him against him. He leaves a shadow lingering in the dreams he touches. She sends to back to every dream he’s left a shadow in, basically shattering him. He begs for his life. Finally promising to do anything. She reverses and instead traps him in her hat.

She calls Dale back and he tells her about his visit from Brother Night. They make plans for coffee late the next day to meet and discuss the situation. Zatanna finally gets some sleep.

Brother Night is impressed with her fearlessness. He summons one of the spirits he controls. He almost feels sorry for the spirit he assigns to destroy Zatanna. It’s her father, John Zatara.

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