Gotham City Sirens #2

Three years ago, Catwoman meets with Talia in Tibet. Talia invites her to do some yoga with her. She offers Catwoman a gift. To forget the truth of Batman’s real identity. As only she and Talia know his true identity and are truly loved by Batman. Current day, Catwoman is having a flashback, to Hush, who took Bruce Wayne’s face. Poison Ivy and Harley have tied up Selina and are questioning here. What Talia teaches her is really a parlor trick, but should work. Poison Ivy and Harley want to know Batman’s identity. She starts listing a bunch of names as who Batman is. Ivy realizes that all of the people she lists have at least worn the Batman suit once for this reason or that. Harley doesn’t believe her. But Selina asks how could one man take all that physical punishment. Selina tells them she’s known many Batmen and had relationships with a lot of them. She goes on to tell them that as long as their is crime and corruption in Gotham there will always be a Batman. Ivy is satisfied for now. Harley becomes bored. Selina and Ivy have it out after Harley leaves. They finally calm down and Selina informs Ivey she’ll be doing the cooking. Harley is out and about getting a lot of attention. A group sees her and one member warns them to stay away unless they want the Joker on them. They follow their pigeon instead. A reporter is interviewing Bruce Wayne, he’s going to use his fortune to rebuild Gotham. The group show up and kidnap Bruce Wayne. He starts to fight back and Harley shows up. She tells them that Bruce signed her release papers so she’s returning the favor by saving him. She crashes the car into a toy store after removing the thugs from it. She also finds a toy she’s been looking for. Bruce would like to kill her, but she’s a link to someone he wants to kill more. Bruce asks her how she is doing. She lets slip that she is living with Poison Ivy and Catwoman. Selina sees the pictures of Bruce. But she thinks it’s actually Hush. They go to a restaurant she likes and find Harley’s phone along with the doll with the knife in its forehead on the table.

To be continued.

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