DeadPool v1 1998 #0

Stan Lee is narrating. It’s how Deadpool became Deadpool.

Two people go downstairs. They enter Fleshworks, a space for gifted people to try all they can. A creature is talking with a woman. She’s upset that her pet project is not doing well. It may crash the program and the overboss wants to cut it loose. She invokes a directive to prevent her project from being taken offline. Wade Wilson is her pet project’s name.

We see a woman, she is clearly a prostitute as she converses with a man who leaves money as he exits. All she can think about is Wade Wilson. Who she wants to have love her for the rest of her life.

There’s a knock at her door. It’s the woman who views Wade Wilson as her project. She’s pretending to be a new worker. She tries going through her stuff but the woman is not having it. She asks about all the pills. Her boyfriends vitamins. The woman tells the new girl it’s time to get to work and to get out on the street. She gives her the rundown, some cab fare and tells her not to come back till after 2am.

The woman gets a weird summons. Her overboss is telling her to stop. It’s not worth it. That Wade Wilson is sociopathic monster and not worth it.

He gives her a trip in time, literally. It’s Zaire. Wade was assigned a single target and instead he took out everyone. Zoe decides she needs to pull him out of this dark slide and turn him into a hero. Her boss is no longer sure who’s crazier.

Zoe goes back to the apartment as Wade is leaving. She’s never met him in person before, only studied him from afar. She’s taken aback. Vanessa is clearly lovestruck. She finally notices Zoe and invites her in.

Wade wasn’t himself tonight. Vanessa was a bit saddened by that but calls it a work hazard. Vanessa has her savings in a coffee can because Wade says banks aren’t safe. They’ve saving for a house. Zoe threatens to steal the money. Vanessa tells her if she does she’ll have Wade gut her like a fish.

Zoe goes back to talk her seer, Monty again. She’s not sure about Wade anymore. Monty tells her that Vanessa grounds him, she’s the flux point. Per Monty it turns out that Wade did not kill his target, he killed everyone else. He thinks they’ll kill Vanessa to get back at Wade. Monty tells her if she drops this case she’ll still get her promotion in about three years. She’s shocked because he’s not supposed to tell them their future. But he says he told her because if she continues she won’t survive. She refuses.

Zoe goes back to Vanessa. Her intel is that Wade’s employers are not happy with him. Vanessa shocks Zoe. She tells her she thinks she likes her. She tells her she thinks she is one of the good ones, but Zoe tells her she’s not. A car pulls up looking for Vanessa. She tells him that’s her.

He attacks Vanessa and Zoe steps in and defends her. She tells her to run. She’s trying to get Vanessa over a fence to safety when she thinks of what Monty said. About them going after Vanessa because Wade saved a life. Vanessa asks the guy why. He tells her he took their money but did not kill the old woman. An example has to be made.

Zoe is thinking that she can survive if she body slides and leaves. While the man and Vanessa talk. Zoe recovers enough to get a weapon out of her jacket. She shoots the man. She’d never killed anyone before. Zoe did it because of Vanessa’s unconditional love. She decided to be the percentage point. Zoe tells Vanessa to go home and see her man. She thanks her for showing her people can still be the odds. And then she disappears.

Zoe has a lot of injuries but she has survived. She goes to see Monty. He tells her now there is a 98% change of failure. One of them is going to die. Wade has cancer. He wants to just fade out. He’s trying to make her hate him and she won’t. But he tells her she should, that hates himself. He says goodbye. As he leaves Vanessa breaks down on the couch in sobs.

Zoe is sad. She says the world just go ta little colder and lost something special.

However, Wade didnt’ die. Years later he is a candidate for Zoe’s project yet again….but that’s another story.

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