Batgirl v1 2000 #2

It starts with a letter from a man to his wife. It’s not good.

A man has stopped a woman. He’s angry that she is married now. Two men are also walking down the street. One is unsure of what is going on. The other suddenly has a board in his hands. This man steps in and stops what is going on with the man and woman. He tells the man to let the woman go. He’s been seen by three people and police are on the way. The man trying to help gets attacked.

Batgirl joins the scene. She saves them both. She gives the man who tried to help a kiss on the check and his bag back.

Batgirl slept in and Barbara teases her about it. And also says she wishes they could communicate better. Batgirl is also smiling. The guy she helped is on the news. She points to the screen. He was a good Samaritan. He was abducted from his apartment this morning. Batgirl asks, “what?” and Barbara tells her its bad.

Batgirl is now upset. Barbara tells her to go work out to take the edge off. She turns to her computer to find him. Turns out he stopped a mob boss’s son the night before. She tracked down where he’s likely being held.

Batgirl heads over in a cab. Then changes into her costume. She swims to the island and scales the side. She finds the mob boss’s son and easily dispatches him. She finds Robinson. He’s messed up bad. Batgirl is trying to find a way out. He thinks he’s dying, having an out of body experience, talking about his wife. She kicks a hole in the wall. He’s shocked.

She carries him because he can’t walk. She places him safely on top of the prison. Then she goes to work on the guards. When she returns, he gives her the letter he wrote. It’s the same letter at the beginning of the comic for his wife. He begs her to give it to her. She takes the letter.

A number of goons now attack her. She easily takes care of them all.

The man does not make it. Commissioner Gordon himself tells the wife. After he leaves Batgirl appears in the apartment. At first the wife is scared, but Batgirl gives her the letter. She realizes it’s her husbands writing. She sees how the letter touches the woman.

That night Barbara finds Batgirl trying to learn to write. She is surprised. She knows nothing of the letter that she delivered to John’s wife.

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