Wonder Woman v1 1942 #2

Part One

Mars has challenged Wonder Woman to a fight. She wins.

The world is at war. Mars is angry because Japanese and Nazi spies are being stopped. Wonder Woman is the cause. They plan to go after her weakness, Steve Trevor. He gets new orders and leaves abruptly. She follows as Wonder Woman as she feels he’s in danger. She meets him at the airport and he is surprised. He does not allow her to go with her. So she gives him some healing pills from her purple ray. He says he’ll write though.

She hasn’t heard from in quite some time. She contacts Etta Candy and she has not heard from him either. Even the Colonel is worried. Wonder Woman prays to Aphrodite. She appears and tells her that Mars has taken him prisoner to trap Wonder Woman. She takes a potion from the Goddess to try and rescue Steve.

She immediately travels to where Mars is. She surrenders and is taken prisoner. She and others are put on an inter space convict ship. She is not happy with the treatment of people taken prisoners and does something about it. The ship finally lands at a dock on Mars. Wonder Woman disguises herself. The prisoners get sorted. Wonder Woman breaks a test. She excels at each test.

Once in a cell, she makes friends with her cellmate, Tiva. She helped prisoners yesterday and that’s why she was imprisoned. The next day they are taken to an amphitheater for a tournament. The first task is to be the last person standing on the platform. Wonder Woman won’t push anyone into the fire below. It’s down to Tiva and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman hurls Ziva safely past the fire. They are very excited to see her performance. Another Martian is set upon her. They continue to make her fight. She continues to win.

Mars hears Wonder Woman’s battle cry and recognizes it. He now knows she is Wonder Woman. He has her sent to his palace. Once chained she figures out how to hear what he is saying. He tries to honor her with a feats. She is given a slave. She tells her a story about a human who told a joke. Wonder Woman has her tell her the joke. She knows it’s Steve. She offers to take Wonder Woman to him. Mars follows them.

She finds Steve and the three try to escape. They get to the top and steal a boat, but it’s a trap. Wonder Woman manages to get rid of the Martians. Mars is angry that she beat him.

Steve’s wounded body has been found. When he was thrown out of a plane he took the pill that Wonder Woman gave him. Wonder Woman wakes up. Steve wakes up as well. Wonder Woman now knows that Mars wants revenge. She uses her golden lasso to make Steve promise to take her with him.

Part Two

Mars begins planning his revenge. However, he sends three of his minions to defeat Wonder Woman. We switch to Hitler, where he gets a Martian radio message. A radio message is intercepted in Washington. Diana easily decodes it. It tells them where Hitler is going to be. Steve volunteers to go on the mission. But it will take five days to get there. However, Wonder Woman shows up with her invisible plane and volunteers to get him there in three hours. He accepts. She eludes all the Nazi’s and lands safely. When they get to the apartment they are met by a Nazi storm trooper. Turns out the storm trooper is actually the agent.

He puts them in position to listen to the meeting. Hitler arrives. He’s presented a plan to raid the US Treasury, but he tells them they are crazy. However, Greed whispers in his ear and suddenly he approves the plan. Suddenly, the roof collapses. Steve is knocked out. She escapes with Steve and the Nazi’s think she is the assassin. They get in her plane and head back. Steve lets the Colonel know what’s going on and he commends both Steve and Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, Etta Candy shows up and she is upset. Her college is being shut down. The college is being shut down due to lack of funds. Etta thinks something is fishy and suspects the treasurer stole all the schools money. Wonder Woman decides to investigate.

She surprises the college President with a visit. He thinks it a prank at first. She finds out that the school needs at least $50,000 to even open the next day. Etta has the world series on the radio. Wonder Woman comes up with a plan. She’ll get a women’s team together to play the winners to raise money for the school.

She talks to the league president. He’s not sure. His team is about to lose and Wonder Woman volunteers to pinch hit if he helps. The pitcher does not want to throw her anything good and throws three wide balls. She misses a curve ball but hits the fastball out of the park.

The owner is now wiling to help. Greed is not happy because the school is not closing. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman gets an all woman team together to play the Pups. The game is a tight one. Wonder Woman has to pitch. Finally, Wonder Woman is at bat with two runners on base. She can win the game with a home run. There is a ball change. When she hits it it explodes. She’s taken to the school infirmary. She is then kidnapped by people with German accents. She winds up getting melted into a pillar of gold. The nurse breaks free and sounds the alarm.

Etta frantically calls Steve. Steve, who is guarding the vaults, goes and checks them. He’s knocked out. She sees him and busts out of the gold. Wonder Woman arrives in the nick of time. They escape Wonder Woman and Steve only to run into Etta Candy and some other women. Wonder Woman goes after the masked doctor. It turns out it’s the college president. He stole the college funds. He spills his guts and confesses to all he’s done. Anti-aircraft guns go off. They likely blew up Greed’s ship.

Wonder Woman wound up raising over $100,000 for the college.

Part Three

Greed is forced to return to Mars on a convict ship. Mars waits to greet him, assuming he brought Wonder Woman. Mars confronts him. He admits he could not defeat Wonder Woman, his ship was blown up and the money lost. He fines Greed 10,000 pounds of gold and imprisons him until he pays it.

Mars now calls on Deception to get Wonder Woman. He’s got a group working on kidnap plans. Deception, has made a replica of Wonder Woman. He practices impersonating her. He then boards his plane and heads to Earth. Greed’s time in prison is affecting things on Earth. Hitler is letting up. They ask Wonder Woman to help them keep selling war bonds. A dancer breaks away and tells Wonder Woman that Japanese are hiding on her island. She hands her a knife and then dies. They think she killed her but Wonder Woman says it was a man named Taki.

Wonder Womand and Taki are taken in to custody. Several men very high up in Government come to try and get her out. She chooses to stay. Later, she is told she is being released. Her attorney got her bail and her lasso back. He takes her back to his place and tries to poison her. She uses her lasso to get the truth. However, it’s not her lasso, its a fake. Her lasso is now around her. The dead girl is not dead either. Turns out it was a false body that died. She takes Wonder Woman with her in a taxi. She is put on a yacht. The woman ties her up from head to toe and even tapes her mouth and eyes. However, Wonder Woman can still mentally call Etta Candy.

She manages to loosen changes and such and jump out of a porthole into the ocean. The woman who kidnapped her sees and jumps in the water to get her. They have a small fight in the water. Etta and the girls show up just in time. She finds her false body and gets an idea. Wonder Woman calls the Colonel with the intel she has. They fly to her island in her plane. Steve goes to this island as well.

Wonder Woman is invited to a festival. She gives some of the potion from Aphrodite to Etta to take over the false Wonder Woman body. They try to capture Wonder Woman but don’t succeed. She and Steve use her lasso to get the truth out of her captor. They are able to stop and attack of 28 battleships with the information. The American’s easily defend and end the Japanese attack. Wonder Woman is given great thanks. She then heads off to rescue Etta who’s being held in a cave. She switches places with Etta. She then deals with Deception. Etta joins in and helps. Deception makes a run for it. Wonder Woman throws a boulder at his plane smashing it.

Part Four

Mars is searching for Deception but cannot find him. A new prison ship arrives and Mars goes to check if Wonder Woman or Deception is on it. One female prisoner faints from fright. Turns out it was Deception in a false body. He throws him in the dungeon with Greed. This affects the wars on Earth. Japan and Italy make an agreement to capture Wonder Woman. He calls on Conquest. He chooses to work with Italy to try and capture her. Mussolini decides to send two men to capture her. One is a handsome nobleman, the other a strong giant. Conquest takes over the giant immediately.

The nobleman begins charming women at a party. Wonder Woman is not impressed with his act. He invites her to see his giant perform. She accepts because she wants to know if he is stronger than her. First he has a tug of war with an elephant. Next he fights a champion from the Navy. He knocks him out in 20 seconds. Wonder Woman is there as Diana with Steve. The giant challengers Wonder Woman. She decides to accept and excuses herself.

She jumps into the ring. She lasts the full round and is given $5,000. The giant now pledges $50,000 for a fight to the finish. She agrees if the winnings get split between the USO and Red Cross. She tries to stretch out the fight but wins with a single punch.

To collect the checks she goes to an office but it’s a trap. The metal plate under her feet is electrified as she is handed a wet sponge. She is paralyzed. She is captured. Steve comes looking for her as well and he’s also captured. They damage her bracelets and she becomes upset that she will not have any strength now.

They are chained up in a chamber. Steve tells her to break the chains, but she tells him she can’t anymore. They are taken to a dungeon in Mars palace. Wonder Woman tries to reach Etta via mental communication. She’s taken up to see Mars. He tells her to submit as a slave. If she refuses then he’ll torture Steve. The proceedings are interrupted by a prison ship. Etta arrives. She’s brought what Wonder Woman asked for. She pours it on her bracelets to restore them. Her strength is now restored.

Wonder Woman and Mars now face off. She is winning. He crashes headfirst into a canister of explosive gas meant for Earth. They use this to get away. They take a ship to get back to Earth. They see Mars palace burn down. They return, Steve calls her a beautiful angel. She tells them there is still so much work to be done.

Part Five

Wonder Woman gives a great speech about Mars to sell war bonds. Midland, however, is not buying any of the bonds. She decides to visit. She takes Steve as well. He tells some stories of war and how Wonder Woman dropped an emergency kit to him. The helmet in the kit saved his life 5 times. They start buying bonds.

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