Superman / Batman 2003 #2

Superman and Batman are buried in the cemetery. There is a kryptonite bullet still in Superman’s chest and has immobilized him. Batman does the only thing he can do to get them un-buried and that is detonate a bomb. He hopes Clark can still shield him from the blast. Meanwhile, Clark is lost in a flashback about his first experience with kryptonite.

Clark is now trying to keep Bruce going. They begin the trek to the Batcave. Clark starts asking about a random villian, Magpie. Bruce tells him she died. Clark comments about good villians. Batman replies, “What the hell are ‘good’ villains?” They come to a grate on the sewer.

Both share the same thought about each other, that they are amazed by each other’s will. The fence is electrified. Bruce can’t touch the high voltage fence. Clark deals with the fence with what energy he has left. Bruce checks on Clark, all he says is it tickles.

Alfred greets them with a shotgun. Once Bruce identifies himself, Alfred is shocked by their condition. Bruce tells him his surgical skills are needed. Alfred is quite concerned by Bruce’s appearance as well.

Meanwhile, there is an asteroid and the president, Lex Luther has launched missiles at it. The asteroid is made of krypton. Captain Atom points out that he just used illegal boom tubes to try and destroy the asteroid. Lex Luther, President, defends his actions as being for that of the greater good. The asteroid is unaffected.

In the cave, Alfred successfully removes the krypton bullet from Clark. Clark comes around and wakes.

Batman has learned something and is upset. Clark tells him he came to tell him in person. John Corben aka Metallo was suspected of murdering Bruce’s parents according to data from STAR Labs. Clark is suspicious of the information because STAR Labs withheld it.

Suddenly, there’s a boom. Another Clark appears. He wants to kill both of them. He’s a duplicate of Clark but older. He tells them he is Clark from the future and he has to stop them. They think they are doing the right thing but it goes wrong. That Clark winds up killing everyone and being all alone.

Bruce confirms they are identical, just one is older. They are fighting each other, killing themselves. Clark decides to move the fight out of the batcave to protect Bruce. The older Superman starts talking about things that only the real Superman would know.

Suddenly, older Clark picks up the classic Batmobile and tries to crush Batman with it. Superman uses the distraction to take the kryptonite bullet out from under the lead shield and loads it into the shotgun. He shoots the older Clark with it.

Before he disappears he tells them to beware.

Back to the White House and Lex Luthor. Captain Atom requests to go speak with Superman. Lex refuses.

Lex Luthor holds a tv conference. He tells the country that an asteroid is on a collision course with the planet. It’s irradiated and everyone will start feeling sick soon. The asteroid is made of Krypton. He tells them that it’s coming to Earth because Superman is there. He puts a one billion dollar bounty on Superman’s head.

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