Zatanna 2010 #1

Zatanna has been captured by her worst enemies. Chained and gagged she can do nothing to help herself. Suddenly, she breaks free and survives. It’s the finale of her magic show. As she is about to head home she is stopped by a man. He identifies himself as Detective Dale Colton. He needs her help.

He’s read up on her and what she does offstage with the Justice League. He drives to her a home in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco, California. He warns her it’s not a pretty site. But when she sees it she states that his description is quite the understatement.

She recognizes a local drug Kingpin, Alber De Cecco. He once offered her $2 million to play a private party for him on a yacht, but she said no. The rest is unrecognizable. Zatanna finds a survivor hiding. She asks him if she can see his memory of what happened. He’s not sure what she means, but he allows it.

Everyone was invited there. Their host arrived in an unexpected way. He’s been a key player for a while, since the 60s. He was originally Eldon Peck. He became Brother Night. He first picked on an innocent victim. He brought everyone there to massacre them. She turns them all back to human again so that they can have at least that. Dale asks how they bring Brother Night to justice. She tells him that no jail can hold him. She can try. She appears in front of Brother Night.

She does not receive a warm welcome. She easily dispatches those who try to attack her. She and Brother Night talk. He plans to take over the mortal half on San Francisco. He questions why she does what she does. She tells him that showing a friendlier side of magic benefits everyone.

She gives him a final warning that he he tries stepping into the human world again he’ll have to deal with her. She makes quite an exit.

Back in San Francisco, she tells Dale that she hopes her talk with him helps, at least for a while.

Brother Night is not happy though. He’s already planning his revenge. He takes a nap to visit Fuseli, who is not happy to see him. When he tells him they have a common enemy, Zatanna, Fuseli suddenly decides to listen.

To be continued

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