Gotham City Sirens #1

Catwoman has just recovered from two near death experiences, but is not at full strength. She hears someone being attacked and stops it. His name is Boneblaster. He manages to get the advantage over her. Poison Ivy arrives and stops him from killing Catwoman. They discuss how many hacks have been trying to make a name for themselves. Posion Ivy doesn’t even feel safe in the park. She’s staying with Eddie Enigma. After what the rogue Batman did to Catwoman they’ve called a truce. When they arrive, it’s not what Catwoman thought. Riddler is drugged. Catwoman gave $30 million from a heist to Poison Ivy but she didn’t keep it. She gave it to a charity. At that moment, Harley arrives. She is staying there too. She’s happy to see “Kitty.” Harley got some of the money too and is happily spending it. She tells Catwoman she is over the Joker. Catwoman suggests they team up. Harley is in but Poison Ivy is confused and concerned. She doesn’t think Catwoman is fully recovered. She tells Harley what happened. Poison Ivy reaches out through the plants to speak with Zatanna. She tells her the concerns she has about Catwoman. It’s the psychological scar of the attack that she was hit with that is causing her problem. Ivy returns and tells Catwoman they are in. She volunteers to have a few more rooms added on to the place she is having built and also a greenhouse. They get interrupted by Boneblaster again. He takes them all on. He thwarts Poison Ivy but Harley’s got a whole bag of tricks. Catwoman realizes he doesn’t have a lot of control of his gloves. She goes for the gloves. She fries the gloves. Eddie comes out of his stupor and is ticked off. Catwoman tells him to send her the bill. Eddie takes his anger out on Boneblaster. Catwoman’s new place is an abandoned animal shelter. Ivy and Harley are not surprised. The Broker introduces himself. He leaves. Ivy and Harley need to finish their chat with Catwoman thaw was interrupted. Ivy hits her with some kind of dust and asks the loaded question, “Who is Batman?” TBC

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