(Deadpool) New Mutants 1983 #98

Introducing Deadpool…

An attack is initiated. The Beginning of the end part one

It’s a morning workout for Gideon. Later there’s a group workout. They talk about how many team members they’ve lost. Then we see a man in an office. Someone gives him a cup of coffee. He drinks it and dies.

Another pair plan an attack or suicide mission.

In the library there is an explosion. Deadpool did it. Mr. Tolliver hired him to find Nathan. And then to kill him. As he goes to shoot him one of the team sneaks up and stops it. He quickly stops him as well. Nathan and Deadpool fight. Domino shows up and stops the fight.

The rest of the team is upset she stepped in. Cable decides to send Deadpool back to Tolliver via Federal Express.

Cable and Domino go through a list of mutants to find new recruits for their team.

A team member takes off to save someone with no intention of coming back.

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