The Hulk v1 #1

The Hulk #1 The Coming of the Hulk

A Gamma Ray bomb is about to be tested in a desert at a military facility. It’s creator, Dr. Bruce Banner, is very tense and worried to find out if it works or not. General Ross storms in. He’s angry that this has taken weeks and still it hasn’t been tested. Dr. Banner tries to explain that he wants to make sure all is safe first. While the General is throwing a temper tantrum his daughter steps in and stops him. It’s now time for the final countdown for the test. One of Dr. Banner’s coworkers get a bit violent trying to force the formulas from him.

As the bomb is close to going off, Dr. Banner sees a teenager has driven into the test area. He asks his coworker to pause the countdown so he can be safely removed. However, he doesn’t stop it. He hopes it will kill the teenager and Dr. Banner. Dr. Banner reaches the teenager who does not want to listen. He tries to get them both to the safe area. He gets the kid into the trench, but the bomb goes off before he is able to get in as well. He is blasted with the full force of the gamma rays. He begins to scream…

Hours later he is stills screaming but finally comes around. The kid he saved brought him. They are put in a quarantine area. Dr. Banner starts to feel strange. He sets off a Geiger counter. He changes and turns into a big green monster that can talk. He breaks down the wall to get out. He trashes a military vehicle and heads away to hide. However, the teenager he saved follows him.

Part 2 – The Hulk Strikes

The Hulk hides so that the troops pursuing him do not find him. He actually doesn’t call himself the hulk, it’s a soldier, but the name sticks. At the base, the General has not connected that Bruce Banner and the Hulk are one in the same. He’s heading for his home, he has a formula there to fix this. He finds Igor there searching for his work. Igor shoots him, but it doesn’t hurt him. He takes the gun and breaks it into pieces. The kid stops him from killing Igor. He also finds the report with the formulas. He sees a picture of his human self and is unimpressed. The kid tries to tell him that it’s a picture of himself before he got hit with the gamma bomb.

The Hulk becomes concerned that this kid knows his real identity. As the sun rises though, he changes back into Bruce Banner. Once he turns back completely, there’s a banging on the door and it’s the police.

Part 3 – The Search for the Hulk

They storm the apartment looking for the Hulk, but only find Banner and the kid. They also find Igor and state he’s a spy and that they have been looking for him. The police take his formula to keep it safe. Miss Ross is there as well and she is very concerned. They get to a first name basis, Betty and Bruce. She is truly concerned. Bruce is worried that once the sun goes down he’ll turn back into the Hulk again.

Part 4 – Enter…The Gargoyle

Igor is a red spy and while locked up in a cell he is still planning. He has on his thumb nail a mini short wave transistor sending unit. He sends a message. The message is so important the person who receives it decides it must go to the gargoyle directly. Everyone is scared of him. The message gets slipped under his door. It tells him of the hulk. He’s greatly intrigued. He requests a sub be prepared. When it gets to a specific area it launches a missile. The gargoyle is in it. He jumped before it got blown up. He sets off to find the Hulk.

Meanwhile, Bruce and the kid are driving around. Bruce wants to be in the open if he changes again. As he talks he starts to change into the Hulk. He crashes and nearly kills them both. The Gargoyle also shows up.

Betty starts to think about Bruce. She comments to her father how she wishes it were like the old days when a cavalry charge, or an infantry squad could solve anything. He suggests fresh air and so she goes for a walk. She thinks out loud and the Hulk approaches her. She faints. The kid tries to talk sense into him. This is when the Gargoyle makes his move.

Part 5 – The Hulk Triumphant

He shoots the Hulk with a pellet of his creation. He also shoots the kid. He turns them into zombies that follow his orders. He does not see Betty. Her father finds her. When he learns how scared she was he vows to find and kill the Hulk. The Gargoyle speeds his capture towards a pick up location. He makes it to the rendezvous point. He loads everyone in his rocket. It launches up to the edge of space then glides behind the iron curtain. However, while in flight its daybreak and the Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner. The Gargoyle quickly realizes that Bruce and the Hulk are one in the same.

The Gargoyle breaks down and cries. All he wants is to be a normal man. Bruce tells him he does know how to cure him, but he might not be as smart. He gets all the materials needed and then begins. When he’s done, Gargoyle is no more, he’s a normal man again.
He sends Bruce and the boy back to the US. When soldiers storm his office they are shocked. He tells them he use to be the gargoyle, but now he’s a normal man again. As they soar in the air homebound, they see a horrible explosion. Bruce knows it’s the end of the gargoyle.

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