Wonder Woman v1 1942 #1

Two women battle in an arena, while Captain Steve Trevor crash lands into the ocean. At the military base, a Colonel is informed of Trevor’s crash and he is assumed dead. Weeks later, he’s brought to the military hospital by a woman. The doctors try to ask her questions, but he has no answers. As she turns to leave Trevor calls her, “my Wonder Woman.”

However, she drops a parchment as she leaves. Once translated it is discovered to be the history of the Amazons.

The planet was ruled by rival Gods. Ares’s Army plundered those who were weaker, their women sold as slaves. Aphrodite decided to create with her own hands a race of super women, much stronger than men. She even gives the queen her girdle to make them unconquerable. They build their own city. Mars/Ares sends Hercules to deal with them. But the queen prevails. Then he tries trickery. He seduces the queen to steal the girdle. They are then rounded up and chained.

The Queen prays to Aphrodite for help. She answered with bands for the wrists. It enabled the Amazons to defeat the men and escape. The Queen gets her girdle back as well.

They fled on Greek ships and Aphrodite guided them to an island. This is the end of the parchment. But the story continues.

The Queen was directed by Athena in the act of making a human form from clay. Athena says words over the creation and names it Diana and it suddenly comes to life and jumps into the Queen’s arms. As she grew, she demonstrated immense strength and agility. At 15, she receives her bracelets from Aphrodite. She’s then allowed to drink from the sacred fountain.

Years later, while she and a friend stand on the cliff they see a plane crash. The pair rescues a man from the wreckage and take him back to the island. His papers name him as Captain Steve Trevor of the American Army Intelligence Service. Men are not allowed in the main city, so she takes him to her laboratory. The royal doctor comes to take a look at him, but the prognosis is grim.

Diana works day and night to try and save him. She at last has found a healing frequency. The doctor tells her that Trevor has died. She puts him under the purple healing ray any way. It miraculously brings him back to life.

However, the Queen is informed and she is very concerned.

Meanwhile, the God of War is taunting Aphrodite. She decides an Amazon will help America win the war and bring peace to the world. Aphrodite appears to the Queen and tells her that an Amazon must take him back and remain there to fight the war and evil.

The Queen announces a tournament will be held. Diana wants to enter but the Queen does not want her to. The winner will leave the island forever.

Diana secretly enters the tournament in disguise. She makes it through to the final test. It’s Bullets and Bracelets. She wins easily. When she takes off her mask the Queen is upset. However, she is proud of Diana for winning. She gives her the outfit and lasso. She tells her about the lasso. It’s made from pieces of the girdle. Anyone it is around has to obey her. She tests it on the doctor, making her stand on her head. The doctor has taken the bandages off of Steve’s eyes. The Queen is not happy about that. Diana heads off to recover his eyes. She winds up talking to him after he tells her she is the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.

He tells her his job is catching spies. The day finally comes to take him back to America and Diana to leave. She departs in her invisible plane with Steve. She flies towards the island that Steve was trying to catch a spy on. When she gets close enough she uses her lasso on the spy. Steve questions him and gets answers. As a result, he gets promoted to Major. But he gives all the credit to Wonder Woman.

Diana poses as Steve’s nurse to be near him. He speaks of Wonder Woman. She tells him that Wonder Woman is nearer than he thinks and will always come quickly when he needs her.

Story Two – Wonder Woman Goes To The Circus

Steve and Diana get tickets to the circus. It’s not just for them but for some children too. The children want to visit the animals first. The elephants are first. They are from Burma. The elephant trainers are also from Burma as well. While they talk another elephant dies. It’s the 7th elephant that week to die.

Steve stumbles upon a tough guy who is scamming members of the circus for protection money. When the Burmese refuse to pay the guy he starts to attack them. Steve jumps in to protect them. He thinks that this guy is poisoning the elephants.

Meanwhile, Elva is performing with elephant Pam. As Diana, Steve and the kids are watching, Diana notices the elephant quiver. She screams for Elva. However, Elva can’t move fast enough and becomes trapped under the elephant. In all the commotion, Diana changes into Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman lifts the elephant off of Elva so the men can pull her out from under it. The crowd cheers for her. They also think it’s all part of the show. The ring master asks her if she would mind performing. She agrees only if they take a donation for the soldiers. He agrees and she begins to perform. She does an act with the horse, then wrestles with a lion. She concludes her show with a trapeze trick. But someone throws a rock and knocks it away. She still manages to catch it with her legs, instead of her hands. She rides around on people’s shoulders and humbly requests donations for the Army Fund. One man makes a remark about the fund and Wonder Woman confronts him. After the circus owner thanks her.

He voices his concern about the circus closing if the elephants continue to be killed. Wonder Woman takes on the task of investigating. She borrows a stuffed baby elephant from a museum. She plans to use it as a disguise. Etta gets stuck being the back legs of the baby elephant.

The pair in costume take the place of the baby elephant in the circus. Once everyone goes to bed for the night they keep watch. It doesn’t take long for something to happen. A ceremony takes place. The man leading it is the one she was introduced to earlier. Wonder Woman can speak all languages. The man is saying the elephants will trample the foreign devils tonight. Etta exclaims and they think that baby elephant God is confirming this to them. One of the real elephants gets suspicious and inspects the baby. The costume gets destroyed and the two exposed.

The two are captured. The high priest decides they are to be sacrificed at the sacred temple. Etta is worried but Wonder Woman knows they’ll find out what is really going on. Steve trails the gangster that was threatening the circus people. A tiger stops one of the goons. The gangster captures the three remaining Burmese. One is left behind has he hid on top of an elephant. Steve gives a car chase. Meanwhile, Elva arrives at the elephant tent to meet her beloved. Her uncle fines them and gets angry. One of the elephant’s picks Elva up in her trunk. The man on top of the elephant gets it to break its chains and they kidnap Elva. Her beloved and her Uncle hop on horses and give chase. Wonder Woman and Etta arrive at the temple. It’s stunning. The natural items in the cave have been carved into beautiful elephants. They are shackled to a carving as a sacrifice.

Wonder Woman hears one of the men speaking Burmese but with a strong Japanese accent. She now has an idea of what is going on. She manages to turn the tables and gets the upper hand on San Yan. She calls him out for what he really is, a Japanese spy. Steve and company rush into the temple moments later. A massive brawl breaks out. After Steve takes Wonder Woman in his arms and begs her to stay. She calls him darling and tells him she can’t because of Amazon law but is always near even when he does not think so. And Elva gets to be with her beloved.

Story Three – Horses vs Nazi Sea-Power

Trevor is informed that a U-Boat sunk a transport ship 10 miles from shore. A baroness that Wonder Woman captured is mentioned. They think she might be able to provide some answers. Trevor has to question her and he says he’s bringing Diana Prince as her skills are valuable. Trevor barges into her room while she is packing up her costume. He asks her to go with him to the prison and then after will drop her off at the station for her weekend. The two are admitted to the prison and are allowed to speak with the baroness. She tells them she knows nothing. Trevor brings in a lie detector machine. However, the baroness snaps and attacks Trevor. The guards step in and take her away.

Elsewhere, the warden’s kids are playing. He knocks over Diana’s bag and finds her lasso and takes it. Diana retrieves her bag but does not know the bag has been opened and the lasso taken. She insists on being taken home, she’s already missed her train. Meanwhile, the baroness is put back in solitary, but the guard does not secure her. However, there’s a trap door in this cell. She signals, it opens and she descends. Her group of spies and agents are all waiting. They’ve captured a captain with sailing orders. She commands he be brought to her. He refuses to talk.

She tries a hypnotic experiment. It works at first but he fights it off. Next, she has a henchman soften him up. Later, she is taken outside for air. She requests to go to the private walk by the warden’s grounds. When there she see’s the boy playing with the lasso. He lassos his sister with it. Both the kids realize something is odd. The Baroness realizes it’s Wonder Woman’s lasso. The boy admits to the guard that he took it from Trevor’s bag. The guard takes.

The next day in Trevor’s office, U-Boats are attacking the transports. After the firing stops they find the Captains body in the water by the U-Boats. Trevor feels it’s a job for Wonder Woman. When she puts on her costume she finds her lasso is gone. She decides to visit the prison to ask about her lasso. She finds the little boy. She teaches him how to throw his own lasso correctly. He tells her about the lasso the guard took from him. She heads off to find that guard. The guard turns up dead and they try to pin it on Wonder Woman.

She calls Trevor for help and tells him what’s happened. A few hours later, Trevor tells Diana he solved the case and the baroness did it. He tells her he is waiting for Wonder Woman to call. He won’t let Diana leave. She finds a phone and calls as Wonder Woman. He finds Diana on the phone and she covers by saying she is listening in in case he wants her to take dictation.

She heads to the prison to get her name cleared only to find she is arrested. She defends herself and requests to be put in the cell next to the baroness. After in the cell she breaks her shackles and listens to what is going on below. The Baroness imprisons her using her own lasso against her. She is also holding the little boy as a prisoner. She’s tied to a pole and Freddy is in a cage. She knocks over the pole and breaks open the cage so he can untie her. Freddy comes to the rescue as he uses his new lasso throwing skills to catch the Baroness. The Baroness makes a run for it and Wonder Woman follows. Meanwhile, Trevor learns of a secret U-Boat base not far from the prison. He sends a cavalry to take it out. But the U-Boat base is ready and takes fire on them. Wonder Woman joins them as the Baroness disappears into the fire. The cavalry happily follows Wonder Woman into battle. She captures the leader and the Baroness is shot and falls in the water. She’s given honorary title of Colonel. She thanks Freddy for his help.

Story Four – The Greatest Feat of Daring in Human History

Diana turns on her mental radio as she feels someone is trying to send her a mental message. It’s Etta Candy sending her a message. Etta’s brother is in the army. He was attacked by spies. His skull is fractured. Wonder Woman can’t really do anything, but she passes the information to Colonel Darnell the next day. However, Etta also surprises Diana and invites her home with her. To Texas, and her brother will be there as well. Diana agrees because she can question Etta’s brother. On the train, Etta has a suitcase of candy. Diana tries to get her to cut back, but it doesn’t work. Etta’s brother meets them at the train station. He’s got no interest in Diana. At the ranch, horseback riding is the pass time. The ranch hand that Etta’s brother asks to saddle up three horses, also makes a call and tells someone where they are going. Diana tries to downplay her horse riding skills but winds up showing some serious skill while retrieving something Etta drops. They hear someone calling for help and go in search of the voice. A woman is trapped in a shaft under and old house. Etta’s brother tries to rescue her. Diana helps. They finally get her up and out of the hole. She tells them her story. She was kidnapped and put in the mine because she wouldn’t marry someone. She seems to fall for Etta’s brother rather quickly. She gives him a cigarette to smoke and it knocks him out. When he comes to he is questioned by the ranch hand. He can’t lie. He winds up telling the plans of some transports. He races off to give this information and collect a reward. He gets knocked off his horse but continues. Meanwhile, Diana is looking tortured as Etta sings a song. Etta stops to check on her brother and finds the lady with him and he unconscious. The lady pulls a gun when she starts to lose and Diana steps in to prevent her from shooting Etta. As the woman escapes, Diana turns into Wonder Woman. She gets Etta’s brother to tell her what he told the woman. Wonder Woman goes after her and carries Etta on her back. The woman tries shooting Wonder Woman but she easily deflects the bullets. She tries leading her into an ambush. Wonder Woman surrenders so they’ll take her to their hideout.

Meanwhile, intel comes in that there is a Japanese base in Mexico, that’s got a very large number of troops. Trevor is sent to Mexico to find the base. At the same time, Wonder Woman and Etta are driven towards Mexico. The captors throw Etta out of the car to be run over by the second car. Wonder Woman breaks free and saves Etta just in time. One of the cars crashes into a tree. They follow the men to Mexico City. The woman who trapped them is a famous bull fighter there. She kills the bull. However, she is tasked with a second bull. He gets the upper hand and is about to kill her as Wonder Woman comes to the rescue. She uses her lasso to make the bull obey her so she does not have to kill him. After Wonder Woman takes the bull fighter, Pepita, to her dressing room. She finds out that Pepita’s father has bene taken by the Japanese and that is why she was helping them, to save him. She is able to tell them where their base is. She heads to the airport for her plane and meets Trevor there. She requests a flock of fighting planes follow her.

She surrenders when she arrives. She uses her lasso on the general. Trevor arrives at that moment. She commands the general to surrender the base to Steve Trevor and he does. It makes the papers.

When Wonder Woman returns she finds Pepita telling Etta’s brother she love shim. She gives them a blessing of Aphrodite.

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