Superman Batman #1

Date: October 2003

Jeph Leob
Ed McGuinness
Dexter Vines

Both Batman and Super man recount their final memory with their birth parents. For Superman, it’s a selfless act made by his parents to get him off a planet that is literally breaking apart. For Batman, it’s a beautiful night out with his parents that ends with their murder. Both changed their lives forever. Super landed in Smallville with the Kents. Batman doesn’t have that happy ending. Superman has powers that humans don’t. He’s a hero that fights for justice in the light of day. The man who killed Batman’s parents was never found. While he is also a hero, he’s feared more than anything. While he fights for justice as well, he fights in the shadow of the night.

Superman flies around Metropolis. A radio tower explodes and he catches it. It’s the work of Metallo. They fight. Metallo has kryptonite on him. It’s actually in him, like a heart. He tore up STAR Labs. Oddly, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He just wants to end it.

Batman is at a graveyard that’s also a crime scene. He’s collecting evidence. He’s taken by surprise when Superman flies in. Based on the scene they realize that it’s John Corben who did this. He’s also known as Metallo. Superman informs Batman that his alloy body is breaking down. It matches with the metal shavings Batman found at the scene.

Superman tells Batman that Metallo was originally human. He died but his brain was put in a metal body. The body of John Corben is actually in that graveyard. They are interrupted by a loud sound.

Metallo is there. He’s got a casket. Batman tries to stop him, but Metallo stops Batman instead. Superman steps in. Metallo tells him that a scientist stole his humanity and made him a monster to stop Superman. An alien who pretends to be a human. Metallo turns his hand into a gun and shoots Superman with a kryptonite bullet.

Batman steps back into stop Metallo and save Superman. He disables Metallo and gets to work on removing the kryptonite bullet.

There’s another explosion. Metallo sings Happy Birthday to himself, takes the casket and leaves.

In President Lex Luthor’s situation room there is a massive kryptonite asteroid heading into the galaxy. It’s on a collision course with Earth.

Other superheroes in the room want to tell Superman. Considering how many times he’s saved the Earth, it only seems fair to tell him. But President Lex Luthor will not allow it.

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