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So now, we get a better understanding of why Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel punched that little old lady in the last trailer. Granny was actually an evil Skrull alien in disguise who seems very skilled at close quarters hand-to-hand combat.

As expected, the new trailer was revealed on broadcast television during Monday Night Football and on most digital platforms. Other than newer footage, the preview reminds us Carol Danvers is searching for her past back on Earth. The video also reveals how powerful of a noble warrior, sorry… noble warrior heroes she and the Kree are. 

Annette Bening makes her first appearance in yet, a still unknown and unconfirmed character. In a voiceover, she says presumably to Danvers “Your life began the day it nearly ended. We found you with no memory. We made you one of us. So you can live longer, superior. You are reborn.”

But in another scene and voiceover, Jude Law’s character reminds Danvers she’s “come a long way,” and is “not as strong as” she thinks.

via New ‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer Clears Up Alien Adversaries | Alice@973

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