Book: Monday Mourning By Kathy Reichs (Bones 7)

Temperance Brennan is called to a pizza parlor in Montreal. Not for pizza but for bones in the basement. The remains of three young females. She feels they are recent, but the detective assigned thinks they are much older because of some buttons also in the basement.

She has many things on her mind (this case included). Her relationship with Detective Ryan though is the most distracting and distressing for her.

The bones of the females get cleaned and carbon dated. The test proves that they are quite recent. Their killer is actually a serial killer.

What will the killer do now that his burial site has been unearthed? Will he go after Temperance? What comes of her and Ryan? Who are these three girls? Do they catch their killer and find justice for them?

Click Either link to get a copy and find out what happens.



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