Book: The Moche Warrior by Lyn Hamilton (Lara McClintoch 3)

Lara is an antique dealer based in Toronto. She’s put her failed marriage and business behind her. However, her ex-husband Clive has opened up an antique shop, not just in town but right across the street, and is now direct competition. She decides she wants revenge, but it backfires.

At an auction, Lara and her ex get in a bidding war and she wins. Not long after that she shop starts having some troubles, burglaries, arson and murder are at the top of the list. She learns that the items in the box she won are not reproductions as thought they were. These artifacts are real and illegal.

She steals off to Peru to try and save not only her reputation but her life. She manages to join an archaeological dig. Everyone she’s working with seems to have their own agenda. She learns that there’s a whole group of grave robbers and black market antiquities dealers these items are coming from.

Where did the items come from? Who stole them? How did they get into Canada? Does Lara manage to stop all these people grave robbing and illegally selling the items? Is she found out?

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