Book: Sugar Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke (Hannah Swensen 6)

It’s holiday season in Lake Eden. Hannah celebrates by doing what she does best, baking. The whole town is joining her on that too. Hannah is compiling a the Lake Eden Holiday Cookbook. All the recipes are being tested at the Christmas Buffet.

The scene becomes tense as Martin Dubinski arrives with is new wife, a Las Vegas showgirl. His ex-wife seems un-phased. As the party goes on, an antique cake knife that belongs to Delores (Hannah’s mom) goes missing. It doesn’t take long to find it though. Someone has used it to kill the new Mrs. Dubinski.

The weather makes things a bit more challenging though. It turns into a blizzard and everyone is trapped in the community center, including the killer.

Hannah is inspired to investigate. It’s something between Clue and fishing in a barrel.

Who had motive to kill the new “wife?” Does anyone else get killed? Who actually did it?

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