Book: D is for Deadbeat [Kinsey Millhone #4] by Sue Grafton

Kinsey has a new client. It’s not the kind of case she usually takes on though. He requests that Kinsey deliver $25,000 to a 15-year-old. Something seems off and she is suspicious of her client, Alvin Limardo. However, even with her misgivings she takes the case.

Surprise, surprise her clients check bounces. She is not amused, especially when she finds out that his real name is John Daggett. He’s a deadbeat ex-con who drinks too much, has two wives and a long list of people who aren’t happy that he is still alive. Kinsey now has to track him down and get her $400 fee.

But she hits a snag when Daggett turns up dead. His death is ruled an accident but Kinsey thinks its murder.

What’s Daggett’s real story? Was his death a murder or accident? Will Kinsey solve the mystery?

Click either link to get a copy to find out what happens.
Amazon D is for Deadbeat
iTunes D Is for Deadbeat – Sue Grafton

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