Book: Blueberry Muffin Murder (Hannah Swensen #3) by Joanne Fluke

The Annual Winter Festival in Lake Eden is coming. Sadly, the honor of making the Winter Carnival cake is not given to Hannah, but to Connie Mac. She’s a lifestyle celebrity who happens to have a cooking show. Hannah is none to pleased.

When Connie Mac comes to town it’s clear she’s not a people person. She takes over Hannah’s Cookie Jar to bake the cake for the festival. When Connie Mac doesn’t show up with the cake Hannah heads to her kitchen to find out what’s going on. To her surprise she finds the cake burnt to a crisp and Connie Mac is dead on the floor with one of her blueberry muffins in her hand.

Now her kitchen is a crime scene so she can’t bake and her business is shut down as a result.

Who killed Connie Mac? Can Hannah solve the case and save her business?

Get a copy here and find out what happens.
Amazon Blueberry Muffin Murder
iTunes Blueberry Muffin Murder – Joanne Fluke

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