Book: All That Remains (Scarpetta #3) By Patricia Cornwell

Dr. Scarpetta is brought in to investigate the murder of a very powerful politicians daughter. She appears to be the victim of a serial killer that’s been operating in the area. Her boyfriend is also dead. This killer is killing lovebirds.

This is the fourth pair that has been murdered. The victims are missing for months and their bodies are found much later and in a very mutilated condition. While Kay can unravel just about any clue or piece of evidence left behind, this killer is careful. He hasn’t left anything behind to link to him and what there is to pour over, doesn’t make sense.

Dr. Scarpetta, Marino and the FBI team up to solve this case. Does he kill again before being caught? Why did he do it?

Click either link to get a copy and find out what happens.

Amazon All That Remains (Scarpetta #3)

iTunes All That Remains – Patricia Cornwell

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