Book: The Cat Who Turned On and Off by Lillian Jackson Braun

This time Qwill and Koko are not alone. They’ve got a new team mate Yum Yum. She’s a female Siamese.

Qwill is now covering Junktown with a series of pieces. The inhabitants of the area are quite eccentric to say the least. His original thoughts on the area was that it was a drug zone. However, he quickly learns that it’s full of antiques. Each shop and each shop owner is a story in and of itself.

Just as Qwill starts making antique friends, tragedy strikes. One of dealers falls down a flight of stairs and it results in death. But Qwill’s mustache vibrates and Koko agrees. It wasn’t an accident, it was murder.

Now they have Yum Yum to help solve the case as well. Who killed the antique dealer? Does Qwill, Koko or Yum Yum solve it first?

Find out here.

Amazon The Cat Who Turned On and Off (Cat Who Series, Book #3)
iTunes The Cat Who Turned On and Off – Lilian Jackson Braun

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