Book: The Sinner [Rizzoli and Isles #3] by Tess Gerritsen

A savage attack at a convent leaves one nun dead and another in critical condition. When Maura does the autopsy of the murdered nun, she is quite shocked to learn she was pregnant. So how did she get pregnant? Was this why she was murdered? Was she hiding in the convent?

While Maura is still in shock from this discovery another murder takes place. This time someone has removed her face, hands and feet. The murderer clearly does not want her identified.

As the mystery unfolds a terrorist attack on a leper colony in India is also brought to light.

Is the perpetrator in all three crimes the same? If the three crimes are connected how and why?

Click either link below to read this edge of your seat thriller.

Amazon The Sinner: A Rizzoli & Isles Novel (#3)

iTunes The Sinner – Tess Gerritsen

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