Book: C is for Corpse [Kinsey Millhone #3] by Sue Grafton

Kinsey is hired by 23 year old Bobby Callahan to solve his attempted murder. Bobby is lucky to be alive. He was driving his Porsche over a bridge when someone rammed into him causing he and his car to fly off the bridge and plummet down a canyon. He’s unable to provide her any solid leads or clues because he suffered serious physical and brain injury and can’t really remember much of anything of the months leading up to the crash.

Bobby does remember he had a red address book he gave to someone for safekeeping, but no idea who he gave it to. He also gives her the name “Blackman.” Three days into the case Kinsey learns that Bobby has been killed in car accident.

Even though her client is now dead, Kinsey keeps working the case.

What did Bobby know that got him killed? Does Kinsey solve the puzzle and get justice for Bobby?

Click either link below to get a copy and find out.

Amazon “C” Is for Corpse (Kinsey Millhone, Book #3)
iTunes C Is for Corpse – Sue Grafton

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