Book: Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder [Hannah Swensen, Book#1]

This is the first book in this series. It is a cozy mystery, so it’s not overly graphic.

Hannah Swenson is the main slueth in this book. She owns her own bakery called, “The Cookie Jar.” Her cat is Moishe. It’s not clear if she rescued him or he rescued her, but they are happy. Her sister Andrea is married to Bill, who is a Sherrif. They are both driven nuts by their mother, Delores.

Behind her shop though it’s bad new. Ron, the milk deliveryman, is dead in his truck. Worse, he’s covered in her cookies. To make it more frustrating there is a new Sheriff in town, Mike. Hannah finds him quite handsome and gets rather tongue-tied around him. They start dating, however, she is also dating Norman.

But who killed Ron? Will Bill, Mike or Hannah solve this crime first? Will there be more deaths along the way?

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