Book: Heat Wave [Nikki Heat #1] by Richard Castle

This book is just what I needed after the season finale of Castle. I think it prevented me from having serious withdrawls.

Nikki and Rook felt and sounded just like Beckett and Castle. A great murder case with loads of suspects and a twist of embezzlement and affairs. A 60 million dollar artwork collection and it’s counterfeit. And in the book it didn’t take four whole seasons for them to stop being a chicken.

As always Rook aka Castle puts himself in all kinds of dangerous situations and Heat never knows if he is her partner or babysitting assignment.

It’s certainly a bit tongue and cheek, but the chemistry from Castle is alive and well in this book. I look forward to reading the second in this series.

Amazon Click her to get a copy of Heat Wave, Premium Edition (Nikki Heat, Book 1)

iTunes Heat Wave – Richard Castle

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