Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S04, Ep12 – The Evil of Dregg

Show: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Season: 4 Episode: 12

Title: The Evil of Dregg

Original Air Date: April 10, 2016

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fugitoid: Welcome to the Sectoid section. Population bugs, lots and lots of bugs.

* Raph: Mona why did you betray us? Why did you betray me?

* Mikey: Hold up Leo. Raph just took the worst kind of punch. One to the heart. Squish. Squish.

* Mona Lisa: Go, save your world. And Rapheal, I will always love you.


Donatello announces that the ship isn’t fully repaired. Fugitoid tries to be hopeful. They receive an incoming distress signal from Mona Lisa. Armagon has taken her commanding officer. Mikey teases Raph. But when she gets on board ship, they have a nice reunion. Her officer has been delivered to Lord Dregg’s planet. April has a bad feeling. They land in an area that Fugitoid thinks is Dregg’s headquarters. Once on planet, it doesn’t take long for them to get attached by a hoard of bugs. Donnie got stung badly by the bugs. Fugitoid takes him back to the ship. They need to find Dregg’s thrown room. He keeps all his prisoners cage there like trophies. They get in and see Sal Commander laid out on the floor. It was a trap. Mona Lisa led them into the trap that Armagon and Dregg set. Leo tries to free those already captured. Leo wants to know what happens. Dregg demands the parts of the black hole generator. They tell him the tricertons have the pieces not them. Dregg is furious. Back on the ship, Fugitoid and April try to help Donnie. They are able to restore Donnie. April gives him a kiss on the cheek, and he faints. Donnie asks if they have heard from the others. Fugitoid thinks they’ve been captured. They need to figure out how to rescue them. Dregg lied to Mona Lisa and Sal Commander. He takes them prisoner. Donnie has turned the antivenom into a potent bug killing spray. Casey uses his electric swatter to crack the wall of their cell. Everyone is fighting but Raph. He seems to have given up. They all get thrown into a funnel that ends in a mouth. They are in something’s stomach or lair. Meanwhile, the turtles and Casey are dealing with the killer bug. Fugitoid, April and Donnie arrive at the castle, still unseen. April sneaks in and rescues them from the pit with the creature after distracting Dregg. Donnie runs out of his bug spray and Dregg tries to eat him. Mona Lisa now joins in the fight with the turtles. Mona Lisa apologizes to Raph. Mona Lisa and Sal Commander volunteer to hold off the bugs so the turtles can get off planet. Mona Lisa declares her love for Raphael. Then she and Sal Commander charge the bugs. Raph is overjoyed about her declaration. He leads the turtles into the battle. Mona Lisa gets stung by a bug that Dregg is on and controlling. He winds up killing Dregg. But Dregg is some kind of robot. Fugitoid flies the ship in via remote control and shoots several bugs. Mona Lisa comes too but then faints in Raphs arms. Back on the ship, Fugitoid tells her she will be ok. Mona Lisa again asks for forgiveness from Raph and he forgives her.

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