Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 19 (story 1)

General Hardy is meeting with Steve and Diana. He suddenly has a health crisis. He dies of a heart attack. Later, Steve meets with another General. He suddenly has a heart attack and dies. Steve, Diana and General Darnell all meet in his office. They learn of three more dead generals. Diana thinks the entire army may die soon. She races off to investigate. She goes straight to General Keen’s office as Wonder Woman. She saves him when she pulls him out of his office chair, but another in the office dies instead. She has now confirmed that an invisible weapon is being pointed at these Generals to kill them. They all head to the intelligence office. General Keen is the last living General. He credits this to Wonder Woman. Etta and the girls arrive with news that another general drowned, even though Mayra tried to save him. Mayra has been lifeguarding at the beach. He died of a heart attack. However, Mayra has now gone missing for her efforts. We then see that when Mayra went under water to save him there were two divers her knocked her out and pulled her into a submarine. Only the admiral was recovered. The submarine is that of the Nazi’s. They want to use mayra to make their invisible brain wave machine stronger. Wonder Woman goes to Diana’s apartment and attached a special antenna to her mental radio to track Mayra’s brainwaves. She learns the Nazi’s have Mayra. She heads to the ocean with the mental radio to try and find her. Suddenly, her mental radio blows up. She realizes that it must have picked up the death rays. However, while swimming she spots the sub. So does a giant whale. She races for the whale and tosses it miles away to prevent it from sinking the submarine. As she returns to the sub, she sees its taken on a crack and taking on water. She pushes it all the way to the surface and puts it on the shore. They open fire on Wonder Woman and threaten to kill Mayra. Wonder Woman surrenders. Wonder Woman is left tied to a tree in an African jungle. The wild elephants in the area will get her, or the Nazi’s think. After freeing herself, when the elephants attack, she lassos the biggest one and controls it with her lasso. Wonder Woman finds Mayra attached to a machine. She frees her.

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