Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 18 (story 3)

Dr. Psycho did not die. He swam out from under the rocks. He has another medium, Joan White, who’s in prison. He’ll try to break her out. Diana reappears at work. When asked where she was, she almost let’s slip that she is Wonder Woman, but is saved by a ringing phone. The news makes him happy as he picks Diana up and swings her around. Dr. Psycho has turned himself in. They believe he is going to die from pneumonia. He quietly calls out for Joan. The warden decides to send for Joan. Psycho hides and when she and the matron arrive, he attacks. He hypnotizes Joan and turns her back into his medium. He sets ectoplasm bombs in the room and then takes the matron’s form. Diana Prince arrives at the prison to check on Dr. Psycho. As she enters the room with the warden, there is an explosion. She turns into Wonder Woman quickly to save them. Then turns back into Diana Prince before anyone realizes who she is. They assume that Dr. Psycho is dead but Wonder Woman is not so sure. Dr. Psycho decides to follow Diana Prince. Steve calls Etta to tell her of Dr. Psycho’s death over the mental radio. Etta decides to have a dance to celebrate. At Diana’s apartment she is sick, so Wonder Woman is going to go with Steve. But Dr. Psycho and Joan are there hiding. Dr. Psycho disguises himself as a bachelor and Joan as his mother. At the party, Etta punches her date when he tries to eat her candy. The bachelor steps in to help. Inside he makes over Wonder Woman and Steve gets jealous. Wonder Woman and Steve dance while keeping an eye on Etta and the bachelor. Etta and Tyrone go outside to get some air. He proposes and she accepts. They plan to get married that night. Wonder Woman is shocked. She tries to convince Etta to slow down. Etta’s original date decides to congratulate the groom. He finds Dr. Psycho and a medium instead. He runs out and tells the others. Wonder Woman is not surprised but Etta is a little upset. Dr. Psycho comes out and wraps everyone in ectoplasm. Even Wonder Woman can’t break it. But she is able to stretch it. She manages to smash into the room that Joan is in. She puts her lasso around her. She compels her to wrap all the ectoplasm around Dr. Psycho. He starts screaming. Wonder Woman has Sweetgulper hold him. He’s arrested. Etta rewards Sweetgulper with a candy. Wonder Woman tells join she’ll take her to Reform Island to live out her days in safety.

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